We (Kath, Roger and our Airdale Terrier Boudie) left the UK in May 09 to start a new life in France. We have settled in the very south of Touraine in the beautiful Creuse Valley. Our new home was, until 1992, a working farm and although much has changed since then – not least there being no more animals – much remains as it was. We have a beautiful farmhouse as well as several barns/outbuildings, some of which we plan to renovate into holiday properties. Our new life is an adventure. We are looking forward to learning to live in rural France, enjoying the countryside and living off the land and to discovering the beautiful region which is now our home.


  1. Hi Roger,Very pleased to read your page in The Hill,life sounds great and glad to hear that you are enjoying your well deserved retirement,we are both very envious.I am sure that you have a lot of hard work ahead doing the renovations but i am sure you will love it and all the effort will be worthwhile to you.Anyway good luck and kind regards from both of us, Dennis and Oonagh Eveleigh.

    • Dear Both, thanks for the comment, and maybe you will be doing a similar thing oneday! We really do love our new life and each day really is an adventure. We would love to see you any time if you fancy a few days in paradise! Love Roger.

  2. Hi Roger /Kath,I have just been reading some of your blogs and indeed it does sound that you are having a great life there in France.Your offer of a few days in paradise sounds very tempting. If you are serious we would love to come over to see you both,just let us know when it would be convenient to you .We are both happy for you to put us to work and help out with any jobs.We have been having some nice weather this last week,it has been an awfully long winter and this is the first time I have been warm since we were in Johannesburg in December! Anyway keep up the good work and the blogs, love to you both Den and Oon Eveleigh.

  3. Yes, we were serious about a visit-whenever you like to come. We have two spare rooms here and it is a lovely place to relax as well a work! We won’t be getting the pool up and working until May, and probably the easiest thing is to give us a call on 0033 05 49854109 -All the best, Roger.

  4. Hi Kath & Roger, we have been here in Brittany since 2007 and finished our outbuildings conversion to gites last year. We now have four gites open and all is going well with lettings. You are right, France is a very nice place to be.

    Good luck with your renovations.

  5. A lovely adventure and a lovely blog… You have a wonderful garden and very green fingers, inspiring!

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