Posted by: kathandroger | December 1, 2019

Gypsies in the Church.

I am not a regular church goer. Like so many of my generation, it was normal to attend church every Sunday, and religion at school was gently forced upon us. I never really thought much about it; we all did the same thing on Sunday and it was just our way of life. But then football began to be played on Sundays and the conflict began. I reckon I did score some God like goals, but church then became less regular. And then it became annual only; to sing carols at Christmas, which I still love doing. There were obviously lots like me, not necessarily playing footy, but church congregations have fallen enormously over the years. And that has had a negative effect on the buildings themselves, many falling into decay and closing, and many being converted into houses. So many of them are wonderful buildings, and I hate to see them crumble, so it was a delight to attend a music event in one of our local village churches this week. I had not appreciated that in France, and also recently in England so I am told, it is not uncommon to let various groups hire the buildings for art shows, music and the like. Revenues come into the church, so do people, and everyone is happy, except perhaps the Priest if he doesn’t approve. We watched and listened to a “Manouche” band from nearby Tours. They weren’t really Manouche at all, the term meaning Gypsy in English, but their style of melody was very much in the jazz mould made popular by Django Rheinhardt some fifty years ago. And yes I can remember him, the Belgian who was the first European to embrace the jazz genre and take it forward.IMG_1215  The two guitarists, base player and fiddler were top class, and the acoustics in the huge building were impressive with all the modern amplification. The audience lapped it up and a standing ovation was given at the end. Well done chaps, 10 euros worth of entertainment, with a good amount going to the old building.

 I am not sure if God would approve of Gypsies in his Church, but he ought to!

This blog is published by WordPress. They have decided to change their format so that I no longer understand it. And my photos won’t upload onto the computer, but on fiddling about I found this photo of the girl that does our gardening and digs the spuds.

woman sitting on red lounger

Photo by Daria Rem on

I have repeatedly told her that she will get her frock muddy, but she always turns up like this. France is a terrible place to live!

I have not had any part of my body pierced, except by errant tools in the workshop. The craze over the past several years to have bits and pieces in any available bit of anatomy is not to me attractive, and in some cases must be downright painful. But some piercings still remain acceptable, even though it shows how quickly the grandchildren are growing up. As part of her 12th birthday gifts, Bella has had these little red earrings inserted.EOTX0041 Now that is lovely!



  1. Which church, Roger…
    And I hate WordPress… and Blogger… they are always fiddling with things!

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