Posted by: kathandroger | November 17, 2019

An Opsimath?

Yes, I didn’t know what it meant either. I was listening to Stephen Fry, someone I admire enormously, and he explained that the word means someone who learns later in life. The practice was allegedly frowned upon by educators as early learning is much more effective. Well that may be the case, but I have to admit to finding our world just more and more interesting each year.

And so this week I have been learning about fossils and computers! Slightly at either end of our evolutionary scale, but both fascinating.IMG_1185

Having found lots of fossils in various fields in our area, I picked up this lovely example in our own land whilst I was feeding the sheep. Like lots of fossils, it consists of a mould of an ancient bivalve mollusc, the original shell having eroded away leaving the contained chalk to retain the shape. The photo does not do the object justice; it is the size of a fist and perfect in every detail, unlike most other fossils I have found. On doing some research, it is called “Protocardia Texana”, presumably because of the heart shape and there are lots in the desert in Texas. But the “Bulls’ Heart” was also described by in 1672 by the first professor of Chemistry at Oxford University, a chap called Robert Plot. He drew beautifully some examples he found on the east coast of the UK. That is a bit before Texas existed! It is mind blowing to think that this animal existed several million years ago.

And so on to Computers and Mobile phones. I do not have a love affair with either, in fact they are the bane of my life. It is probably due to my complete incompetence with both, but I have spent hours this week trying to change my ancient Iphone 4 to a donated Google Pixel. No chance, the bloody phone is locked and no amount of faffing about looking at U tube solutions has made any difference at all. The battery in the ancient computer is allegedly not working and the machine keeps cutting out so this article is taking several days to complete! This is one Opsimath who has huge gaps in his technology knowledge!

But I can weld and make nonsense things out of rubbish! Not nearly as useful for modern life, but fun, rather than the endless cussing when I am in technology mode.IMG_1189 (2)

I am not sure what it is, but it has used up lots of bits and pieces of rubbish, and will be donated to the nice neighbour who gave me the stuff in the first place! He is away at present and I aim to place it in his garden. I wonder if he will recognise his old wares?

I think I will come back to this world as a cat. Dennis, our mog, is a pain in the bum and delights in inflicting deep wounds in my hands when I pet him. And he owns the house, demanding that the tap be turned on when he wants a drink and pawing me when he is hungry. How do cats get away with it? There are lots of comfortable places for him to sleep, but this is where I found him when I was trying to do some paperwork.IMG_1171 (2)I am not sure that all this Opsimath stuff is worth the effort; it would be much easier to change into a cat.




  1. Nice fossil! and I like the new sculpture.

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