Posted by: kathandroger | October 27, 2019

Dog and Cat sitting.

Friends of ours have gone on holiday to Italy. They have two dogs and a young kitten, and were looking for someone to care for the animals for a couple of weeks. What a good opportunity to see another bit of France, in another Region, if only half an hour from chez nous.

I know the animals, at least the dogs, as they have stayed with us and Polly at home. The cat, Wally, is a new edition to the family and spends most of its time annoying Flora, the. labrador x  cockapoo. Flora’s dad, Rollo, is much too grown up for the rough and tumble and just looks superior and remains aloof.IMG_1137 (2)

They are good on walks, and in general a good excuse for me to explore a new area. Flora was attacked and badly damaged by a wild boar a few months ago, and used to chase everything that moves. She still chases cars, but a few days ago we were in a wooded path when a very large boar crossed right in front of her. She didn’t chase it!

It seems much more isolated here, being surrounded by big fields and only a few scattered farmsteads. All the summer crops have gone now, and the winter wheat and next years oil seed rape are the only things in the fields. But the farmers really are organised; I noted this triple tractor ploughing yesterday,IMG_1129 (2) and today met the boss who had begun sowing some oats. The soil looks good and easily tilled, and contains lots of fossils, which I must stop collecting as we already have several hundredweight at home! Incidentally, farmers in their tractores in France seem to be able to see when there are cars behind them on the roads, and pull over quickly, unlike in the UK, but still manage to cover the roads in mud, most of which seems to stick to my little white car! There are lots of Jays and Crows about, but also some Lapwings and a few Hen Harriers, which is good to see. The latter are lovely elegant birds which have almost all been killed by gamekeepers in the UK.

Autumn is here and the trees are beginning to change colour.IMG_1125 (2)

This fine avenue leads to a much less impressive house! But the still warmish weather and the recent rains, have led to other impressive growth; this field of sunflowers is from the seeds that dropped at last year’s harvest,IMG_1126 (2) and underline that we are not quite yet into the winter months!

However, the most important part of this week has, of course, been the Rugby. Well done England, who were unbeliveably good in beating the All Blacks yesterday. And hard luck on Wales who were pipped by South Africa this morning. Actually, Wales were very lucky to be there, having only just beaten a 14 man French side. I watched both matches with a couple of chums, eating bacon sandwiches (bacon freshly brought over from the UK) and drinking lots of tea. It is strange that the older we get, the further away from our playing days, that we can still offer words of advice and encouragement to seasoned professional players! England were so good, that even a French friend sent his congratulations, and that is saying something. We look forward to the final next Saturday.

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