Posted by: kathandroger | October 20, 2019

Toms Ticks and Tremors.

Alas the tomato season is almost over. Just a few brave souls remaining on the vines in the now colder and very wet weather. But they  grow like weeds here, and they are still popping up where they are not expected. We plant flowers in boxes (which are now falling apart) over the septic tank covers as well as all over the property. This plant has survived my lawn cutting and the attention of the free range chickens and is still in production.IMG_1106 Eating tomatoes out of season is always an unsatisfactory exercise, so we must make the most of the next few weeks.

Tics are a real nuisance, especially at this time of the year. Apparently the long dry spell has suited them well, and they are particularly common and troublesome. I took Polly on a long walk with one of the clubs last Thursday and she was her usual energetic self. The next day however, she did not want to eat, shied away from being touched, and just lay in her box all day. She had been biting at her tail a bit, but there were no obvious signs of her illness. She was taken to the clever vet the next day, who immediately recognised the malady as one of the tick borne illnesses. After various blood tests and a phone call after he had seen the blood film he had made, she was diagnosed and treated for Babesiosis. This is one of the several tick diseases; I know all about Lyme disease, which was not uncommon in humans in the UK, but this one was new to me. Apparently it is becoming more common here, and has recently been seen in dogs in the UK. Not unlike malaria, parasites from the tick enter the bloodstream, multiply and cause symptoms when there are enough of them. Poor old Polly must have had some ticks for days, and her useless owner had not noticed them. To be fair, there are so many burrs around now, that one more little nodule in her long and wiry hair is difficult to recognise. The preventative treatments seem to be less effective against ticks nowadays, and none of them is one hundred per cent effective. I am happy to say, though, that the treatment was fully effective within a couple of days, and we now  have our bounding bundle of disobedience back!

Back in the UK a couple of weeks ago, my twin grandsons began school. They are not identical, and neither is their appreciation of education. One thought it was wonderful, playing with his mates all day and sometimes doing puzzles. The other had the tremors just thinking about it. And he had the tantrums too. Whilst his brother forged on ahead to his studies, Teddy screamed and grabbed onto anything he could to prevent his onward journey. Both he and his mother were in tears as the very understanding teachers prised him from her arms each morning. All sorts of efforts were made to persuade the young man that he was not going to a torture session, but they were made in vain. Until, that is, a friend read about drawing a heart on his hand and doing the same thing on his mothers hand. When Ted felt anxious he only had to press his heart picture and his mum would be thinking of him. My daughter thought this would be useless, but tried it none the less. A miracle! Ted now loves his school, and has even one an award from the headteacher. His brother is furious!CURI0698


  1. Hugo has had a couple of ticks lately, which I attributed to the mild, damp weather. We will be more vigilant in making sure we get rid of them all. As you say, in amongst all the seeds in a woolly coat it’s not easy to find them.
    Glad to hear Polly is recovered and back to her normal self.

    • Thanks Jean. I didn’t mention that i found one in my groin some weeks ago. How did it get there?!!

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