Posted by: kathandroger | October 13, 2019

About the Dead.

I know that sounds a bit morbid for a Sunday, so I will talk about my breakfast instead.IMG_1103 (2)

At this time of the year we have loads of figs and grapes in the garden. The usual array of mixed cereals are supplemented by freshly gathered fruit from the orchard and the day is fueled by this wondrous natural bounty. No wonder I feel about 18! We do have some banana plants as well, but they do not donate to breakfast, and the latter fruit has to come from the shops.

The French news fascinates me. One continually recurring theme is any old murders that for some reason are brought back into the public eye. Such was the case this week of a poor chap in Glasgow who was arrested as the murderer of his wife and children in Nantes some eight years ago. The news was obsessed with the story, interviewing  old witnesses, and saying how the suspect had had plastic surgery to change his appearance; certainly it was a bit strange that nobody seemed to recognise him from the man they knew in the past. But fingerprints matched, so there could be no mistake. Oh yes there could! DNA testing showed the suspect to be completely exonerated. The French blamed the British, and the British said nowt. Not much in the news to talk about now in France!

We had a wonderful walk on Monday with the club to a pretty village called Angles sur Anglin. IMG_1079

Very pretty, and in summer choked with tourists. I wouldn’t want to live there for that reason alone, but in October it was at its best. But we didn’t really go into the village and instead walked over to the neighbouring river Gartempe. At least I think we did, as I was completely lost. Anyway we came across a Dolmen.IMG_1070

Very interesting lumps of old stone. Probably about 7000 years old, a big flat stone originally supported by other ones, but now collapsed, and found all over Europe and elsewhere. Widely thought to be burial monuments, but rarely with any remains within. Bizarre; we can sent men to the moon, but we have no real idea what this big lumps of history were all about.

Anyway, on from there through a strange and eerie wood, covered with moss or lichen or both and anyway damp and dark.IMG_1073

To reach the site of some ancient Sarcophagi. I guess the ancients got a bit fed up with those bloody great Dolmen things and decided to put their corpses into big stone boxes which remained above ground. Again they are found all over the world, but because they were big and unwieldy and blocked up the inside of churches, they became modified and latterly false Sarcophagi were used as an upmarket headstone in cemeteries, with the corpse in a coffin in the ground beneath. Our site is still being excavated,IMG_1075 and the stone site in the side of a cliff must have been a joy to work, in the cold and wet, using primitive tools, and bashing away all day to make a box to put a body in. It was after three hours of walking that we finally got back to the village and had a typical French lunchtime meal, which lasted another two and a half hours, so the day was almost done when I got home. Even the dog was a bit cream crackered.

We are apparently going to have temperatures of 26 degrees today. This after quite a good amount of rain, though not nearly enough to fill the reservoirs. There a mushrooms all over the place; I thought we had some on the hallway carpet a few days ago, but it was just some of my detritus. Anyway the walk with the second group on Thursday was punctuated with multiple stops to gather assorted fungi. I am still unsure, but did eat some nice field mushrooms from our land a few days ago. The French seem to know about edible fungi in their genes, and some of the strange looking things picked I wouldn’t have touched with a barge pole. But everywhere this year the cyclamen, both naturalised and in gardens, are magnificent.IMG_1085 These were in a local garden, and I have never seen so many looking so good.

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