Posted by: kathandroger | September 30, 2019

Back to Blighty …again.

How the years roll on! It was back to the land of my birth last week to attend a 70th birthday celebration. Seems like only yesterday that we were bemoaning being 30! A lovely event though, given by an old Trinidadian friend who still dances like she was 17.IMG_1045 Friends don’t change, only the skin ages, it is the same person underneath, and it was a pleasure to see so many people again after ten years. The Caribbean band were great, and only the photographer was rubbish! I had borrowed my daughters’ car to make the journey from Somerset to stay with a chum overnight in Sherborne in Dorset. I had forgotten the route, but that would be no problem with the Satnav in the car. It was only when I started that I found the bloody thing didn’t work, I had knocked the little chip out. No maps, no real idea, but I did know I had to go south west, and the sun was just peeping out in between the clouds. Make for the sun I told myself, and, by some miracle I ended up in Sherborne. I remembered the address, but had no idea how to find the road. Having stopped in an unknown street, I asked a nice man the way, only to be told I was already there, almost opposite the house! Who needs Satnav?

Things haven’t changed much over the past few months. Everyone is completely fed up with the Brexit saga, and like me, a feeling of being ashamed of our politicians seem widespread. There are still too many people, and in particular too many cars. Parking in the residential areas of any town nowadays seems a lottery, and a visit to a kiddies party in Bristol was a nightmare for parking. It was a good party, however, and not many grandparents would dress up as Spiderman for the sake of their six year old grandchild!IMG_1052Granddad Chris tells me that his outfit only cost £12, and he is thinking of wearing it on a daily basis!

One thing I have to get used to in the UK is not saying hello to everyone as we tend to do in the countryside here. Eye contact with passers by is very unusual, although most people do respond to the grey haired old geezer who greets them with a cheery “good morning”! But in general spirit is good, and people react to one another as they always have done. I stayed with daughter Clare in Frome, the lovely little Somerset town, now heavily populated with DFL’s (down from London) like her. This means that the property prices have rocketed, and her new house needs lots of work. The bathroom has been out of action, and the twins have to be washed in the kitchen sink,IMG_1058which they do not seem to mind too much! I found it a bit small however.

Families are funny things. Having fallen off my bike and broken my shoulder in the spring, I phoned my son in Germany last week only to find that he has fallen off his bike and broken his shoulder!RHFX6595His was only the collar bone and shoulder blade, but he did need an operation to sort it out. And it was on his non dominant side, so he won’t have to learn how to perform intimate bodily attentions with his other hand like his father had to!

So it was nice to be back in England to see family and friends, but it was also a good feeling to get back to France, which I regard as my home now. Thanks to Ryanair for the cheap trip, only a two hour delay on departure, but the cost was less than the autoroute toll charges to the ferry. I think it is the less frenetic way of life in France which is the main difference, and of course the relative paucity of population.

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