Posted by: kathandroger | September 22, 2019

End of Summer?

It is damp cool and cloudy outside. And we had a good shower of rain last night. About time too. The sheep are already greedily consuming hay, as the brown remains of what was once a pasture is no longer enough. It was over 30 degrees again yesterday, too hot for me, but we are now promised cooler and wetter weather for at least a week. I guess that is the end of the summer, and what a hot and long one it has been. The swallows left a few weeks ago, and we only glimpse a few migrants now. But we had well over 60 on the wires from our little homestead, so the several family units in the outhouses have done well again. I look forward to returning birds next spring!

I brought the squash in yesterday for winter storage.IMG_1025 (2)Not as many as usual, but they did not seem to suffer as much as the other crops in the long dry spell. Hopefully they will keep through the winter, kept in one of the gites.

With few guests still to come, the dog will have less opportunity to eat socks! She has made a habit of stealing kiddies socks if they are left around, and if they then chase her she eats them!-the socks that is. We have had endless fun when checking if the foreign object has passed through her system, but she has not had any problems so far. The soiled articles are in no fit state to be returned to the owners however! I did manage to retrieve one of my own yesterday,IMG_1024 (2) before it had been swallowed. Looking again, it may be that a foot of a sock will appear on the roadside before long!

The dog and I wander endlessly through the local woods. Most of these are fairly barren, but in a few places the trees are cleared for little huts and leisure areas. In France the land is often divided into little “parcels” owned by various people, and most of them are left to overgrow naturally nowadays. One chap though, has been clearing an isolated patch near to us. He seems nice enough, but a bit strange. I was intrigued to find this,IMG_1019 (2) one of two piles of old bananas, on his patch recently. Now who has piles of bananas, and who would bring them out into the wild just to dump them? Strange.

Our figs are another crop which has done very well in the drought. We are both full of the things and can’t give enough away. The trees do very well here, and I had always admired the specimen just up the road from us. Sadly the owner has died, and some rather coarse pruning has been done.IMG_1030 (2)I know that figs are very hardy and tenacious, but I am not sure this one will regain all its former glory!

And finally, it is not all about nature and the great outdoors. We do have some cultural pursuits here, and last night it was an evening of Baroque music and Classical readings in a local village.IMG_1031 (2)The soprano was impressive, as was the keyboard player, a local friend, but to me the most remarkable was the lady sitting here on the stage, who gave lots of reading, in Greek and then in French, with wonderful hand movements and frequent moments of gravitas. I understood some of it, but wondered how she could sit in one place without moving, throughout the whole performance. Brilliant buttocks.


  1. Aline said the concert was fairly hard work.

    I must work on a blog post myself that ends in ‘brilliant buttocks’ — it’s a phrase that simply must be used more often.

    Is the fig at the place on the other side of the ‘main’ road, on the outskirts of the hamlet? Big overgrown metal gates. What a shame they’ve butchered it!

    • yes it was hard work, but good performances which I really admired.
      Right about the fig but I reckon it may well come back.
      How about “fesses formidable”!

  2. Roger, the fig will return if left alone…
    that huge one in the garden next to the La Poste in Grand Pressigny was “killed” to ground level by the Big Freeze of 2012… and look at it now…
    The new growth had reached the top of the wall in two years…
    And, now, I am looking forward to what Susan will do with the phrase “Brilliant Buttocks”…..

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