Posted by: kathandroger | September 8, 2019

It’s time again!

The hunting season starts here tomorrow. No more quiet Sunday mornings, the local killers will be about at 8am blasting anything that moves. I am staying still. It really does seem too early for what should be a winter pursuit, but the hunters have been waiting for tomorrow for weeks. I badly blotted my copybook with the locals this morning. Having taken Polly for her early morning walk, we came back via the big field behind our property. The oil seed rape had long been harvested, and the vast area had been sprayed with some noxious chemical the week beforehand. Polly was interested to see a van and a couple of chaps with boxes, releasing something into the vast emptiness of the field. It was the target for tomorrow, dozens of almost tame pheasants and partridge.IMG_1010

The dog thought it was great fun, and all for her, these multiple running and flying things all over her local walking spot. She gave chase with very great enthusiasm, which was matched by the very great anger of the two chaps. My frantic whistling to the dog had no effect whatsoever, and she only came back, reluctantly, when the birds had all been chased to far off parts. My apologies were not readily received, and I was told that it is illegal to not have my dog on the lead in the hunting season. My remonstration that the season did not start til tomorrow did not have a calming effect on the chaps. I have to admit that I was secretly delighted; poor little birds, just out of the rearing pens and almost tame, put down to be blasted within one day. I don’t think I will be given a brace as a present!

But I do like and admire the local Gamekeeper. John Claude looks after a local shoot, and is a very knowledgeable chap about all things natural. I first came across him when again my dog was not on the lead, and was gently admonished. Since then we have become friends, and he has brought us local mushrooms and information about the local animals. He is assisted in his work by several hidden cameras in the woods, which enable him to see what is going on using his smartphone monitor. He stopped this week to ask if we knew a couple who had spent some hours in the private woods he looks after; he had their photographs from his hidden camera! No, we did not know them, but did find it disturbing that an innocent foray into the woods, possibly with amorous intent, could be filmed and viewed by someone miles away. I guess that is progress.

I visited one of our local villages for a brocante (selling any old rubbish from stalls, which the French love), last week. I had been there very many times, but rarely on foot, and a wander around the place really illustrated how the small villages have lost their independence. The several shops had long been closed, and only the facades remain.IMG_0999 (2)This was a shoe shop amongst other things, but has been closed for many years. The buildings themselves are often in poor repair, as is the church, and this sign amused me greatly.IMG_1002 (2)In fairly small writing, it explains that bits of the building may fall off and that pedestrians should walk on the other side of the road. Very sensible, but the sign is only legible when standing in the position of danger! Nothing fell on me.

Finally, our tomatoes are wonderful at the moment. A salad with lots of them and the local cheeses, with leftover stirfry and chicory is just wonderful, especially with a glass of chilled Pinot Gris, my favourite wine of the moment.IMG_1006 (2)Please don’t let the summer end.



  1. I have just looked at the fivecast, Roger… the temperatures are going to be rising all week… culminating in another hot spell a week tomorrow!
    And go, Polly, go!!

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