Posted by: kathandroger | August 25, 2019

La Rentree…but not for me!

Well, it is nearly the end of August, and the schools go back tomorrow. It is a strange time here; all the collective energies of the French seem to be concentrated on getting the kids back into the classrooms. The Supermarkets are full of school stuff, and the news is all about the end of the holidays. But much more surprising to me is that the families seem to have gone indoors for the preparation; very few children are about, all doing their preparations for the new term I guess. My son and his family visited this week from Germany, and we cycled to the local “Beach”-in fact the mown bit of river bank at Leugny, expecting it to be a bit crowded with merrymakers, and I was astonished that we were the only ones there!

What a joy are grandchildren; all the pleasure and none of the responsibility! Aged two and four it is a delightful age, even though communication is sometimes difficult with them speaking German. In fact my son speaks only English to the children, and they understand the language well, but speaking has to be coaxed out of them. IMG_0985And when the English does come out it is always perfect and without any trace of accent. I love to hear truly bilingual children, but it does make me feel very inadequate. And I do remember the potty training days, but sometimes two year olds can be a bit too enthusiastic!IMG_0978He was supposed to be playing stones with his bucket!

We tend to forget that we live in a very pretty part of France where people want to come to walk or bike the local trails. There have been a few of these recently, and this morning my usually solitary walk with the dog was joined by hoards of “foreigners” taking part in an organised event from the village. The only problem is that the way marking is becoming a bit complicated, with arrows on the ground all over the place.IMG_0986 I guess they will all be gone when and if we get some rain.

A good friend of mine helped me with some plans I have for building in the future. He has renovated an old property locally, and being an Architect, has done a wonderful job over a couple of years. His wife has a white van. Yes I know that is nothing unusual, but she has come up with a good way of recognising her vehicle amongst all the other hoards of white vans locally.IMG_0960There is a large frog on the other side!

Having a dog is good for knowing when there are people about, much louder and more persistent than a door bell. Perhaps even better than that is a flock of geese. I used to keep some in the UK, but they are not friendly animals, and are the only beast which can poo more than it ingests! Anyway, a local chap has installed a flock in his front garden, presumably as a deterrent to burglars.IMG_0955They are certainly very noisy, and after I went closer to say hello, a very large and fierce looking dog ran out and barked at me…. belt and braces or what?


  1. Rentrée for French kids isn’t until 2 September.

    • Must have got the wrong region, or maybe just wrong…….again!

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