Posted by: kathandroger | August 18, 2019

A Year already?

It is true that the years get shorter. They seem to last a couple of months nowadays, and the annual car rally at Lesigny was on us again on the public holiday last Thursday. Where did that last year go to? Anyway, the pilgrimage was made in the old banger, with Polly the dog at my side as usual. We did not want to go on the rally with all the other old cars, because mine tends to overheat when the line of old vehicles slows and often stops, so we arrived a bit late and apologised for missing the start. A few others stayed behind as well. I loved this old 2CV.IMG_0941I don’t know if it was a standard model, or had been converted as a mini camping car. And I used to have one of thesesIMG_0942The year on the number plate is about right too! I sold mine for £320, and thought I had done a good deal. Nowadays a good example will sell for nearer £32,000!! A lovely looking car, but no proper windows and a bit draughty in the winter.

But this year we decided to look at the accompanying Brocante in the village.IMG_0947 This is now a huge affair, with hundreds of stalls, and in the good weather everyone seemed to be doing a decent trade. Most of the stuff is pure tat, but there are always some little trinkets to buy, this year some old door fittings and locks. The atmosphere is always pleasant, the prices low, and lots of fun is had by both sellers and buyers. The dog felt a little upstaged however, when this little thing appeared in front of her.IMG_0946 (2)It seemed quite happy and made no attempt to get rid of the encumbrances, and I guess it is not the first time it has performed. A good day, and later enriched by a drive to the other rally at Le Grand Pressigny, where there were lots of old tractors and bits and pieces for cars, as well as a craft fair in the Chateau. It is always a pleasure to see the diversity of talent in the area, but I did baulk at the prices for old lamps made out of bits of old metal. I made one last week, it cost next to nothing, and was at least as good as some on sale for a hundred euros. Maybe I should sell some myself, but the pleasure would have gone from the making.

Lots of good hay was made this year, particularly at the start of the heatwave. But lots of fields were left uncut. This was particularly thoughtless when it involved some of our walking routes. The tracks are in some places shoulder high in grass even now, and it must feel like a jungle to Polly.IMG_0940

The harvesting of the onions and shallots has been completed. What an embarrassment! Usually I reckon to have three or four long strings of fat onions which last all through the year. Not foreseeing the canicule, and thinking that everyone starts too early in the planting season, the sets were planted at precisely the wrong time, and fried in the sun! My neighbour Claude, who put his in early, had a good crop, but this is the entire produce from our garden.IMG_0950 (2)How pathetic! Still, there are enough little onions and shallots to make one bowl of soup I reckon, and I will know better next year. We live and learn!

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