Posted by: kathandroger | August 4, 2019

Just rambling on.

In fact our rambling with one group has stopped for the summer break, a good thing as midday temperatures have been around 30 degrees still. Early morning is the best time for walking at present, with the sun just enough to dispel the cool from the shaded areas. The corn has all been harvested, and only the sunflowers and maize remain. Polly the dog loves rampaging through the tall plants, which seem to be planted with just enough gap between them for dogs to chase whatever they can. Today it was an artful moggie that sent Polly the wrong way on our walk; it makes a change from the hares, which give her no chance whatsoever, and even pause to look back and admire their cunning when she has been left miles behind. Having lost my loud whistle with stitches in my upper lip after the bike accident, the facility has now been regained, in fact even improved, and the dog must be able to hear from the next department, and she comes back looking very pleased with herself, just as I am!

It is still dry as a bone here. The local reservoir, which doubles as Polly’s swimming pool, has never been as low.IMG_0913The carp are all around the edges in the early morning, and delight in swimming away from the dog when she tries to chase them.

De Gaulle has been installed on the edge of the goldfish pond. It was only after taking this photo that I noticed I have put his left ear on the wrong way round!IMG_0917I mentioned my latest game to a friend last night, explaining it was mad out of an old stone. “Oh yes,” he exclaimed, “it must be a gallstone!” Clever bugger.

Talking of making sculptures out of rubbish, I visited a French neighbour locally who has been rebuilding an old family house on the banks of the river. I had given him some old oak door fittings a few months ago, and I reckon he was trying to pay me back. Anyway he proudly announced that he had collected a “few things” for me, and proceeded to load my little car with what felt like tons of old twisted bit of metal, including tools, old saw blades and various unidentifiable lumps of metal. I had to look grateful, and took it all away, but have no idea what to do with it…. actually, I have, and am starting to make a huge metal bird that he can have back in his garden!

Another chum, who has become a respected local artist with his varied creations, asked me if I had any owl droppings in our big barn. He wanted to dissect out the tiny bones they contain to use in a very delicate piece he is working on. In fact I didn’t find any for him, but mentioned a dead long eared bat that I found in my workshop.IMG_0912Apparently, the skull will be exactly the right size for his masterpiece, and he will dissect it out and clean it. Nowt as strange as folk!

It was the final performance last evening for the Black Prince in a local production. Again we had a good attendance of several hundred, but again my own participation did not start until about 11.30pm! And I buggered up some of my lines about numbers, but that only seemed to add to the amusement. A good enjoyable local event, and I was pleased to have done it, but feel it may be my last performance.

And finally we were just saying that we hadn’t seen any wild boar for months, although their damage is all around. Today at 10 30 this morning a family of them crossed the road in front of me; daddy and mummy pigs and several little ones. It was lovely to see, especially as the local hunt had been out after them yesterday!


  1. We were there and cheering you on! We have some decent photos if you want them.

    • Thanks Susan, saw you briefly and then you were gone! Would love to see the pics.

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