Posted by: kathandroger | July 7, 2019

Canicule continues!

It was only supposed to last for about a week, but afternoon temperatures have not fallen below 30 degrees for at least a fortnight now. The pool is a welcome relief, but some of our guests from Ireland, with lovely white sensitive skin, have been too wary to expose themselves until the shade of the evenings! Storms have been forecast for several evenings over the last week, but, having taken all outside cushions and hammocks inside, none had appeared.

Until last night that was! No storms were forecast, and we were enjoying a lovely evening at a musical event alongside the local river. Many villages have these events, and in fact last night there were two, within a few kilometres of each other. Anyway, these events take a huge effort to set up; not only the tents and catering facilities, but the electrical supplies for all the musicians and their amplification kit. And this event was to be followed by fireworks! All went well, with a variety of performers, sometimes on the stage and sometimes in the crowd, and we had even managed to get some chips and burger to go with the rose wine. But then the heavens opened, forewarned by some spectacular lightening which we initially thought was part of the firework display! We managed to get to a friends’ house close by, and were welcomed into his new covered “drinking area” that he had just completed. How lucky were we! The storm lasted at least a couple of hours, with torrential rain and hailstones the size of cherries. Heaven knows what happened to the tents and equipment next to the river, but we had to stay in the dry and drinks Davids’ nice Bordeaux and then sample some very old Highland Whisky. The roof of his shelter is laminated plastic, and at times it really was impossible to speak because of the clatter of the hailstones. After midnight the storm ceased, and I was worried that my car would be lost in the rainwashed  parking field, but managed to slither out without any problems. Here there had been some rain, but nothing compared to the deluge only a few miles away. Such is nature, but it was really bad luck on the village of Barrou.

The previous night had also been musical, at another local village in Le Grand Pressigny. An Irish night, with two bands, one local and one visiting, and a big event with almost a thousand attending. Having been a part of the labour force for erecting the stage and viewing areas, I was looking forward to the heavily advertised Fish and Chip supper as well as enjoying the music. We had been assured that the firm could cope with the numbers attending, but we were sorely disappointed! One fryer for that number of people was a slight error. After more than two hours in the long queue, most of us gave up! But the music was good, and I had forgotten how lovely an instrument the harp is. I guess it helps when it is played by a long limbed lissom lady!

And back at the ranch, we have had some new arrivals this week. Our young Light Sussex chicken, named “Flappy Wings” by a young guest a couple of weeks ago, has hatched six fine looking chicks.IMG_0861 (2) All seems well at the moment, with none falling the water and drowning, as has happened in the past, and we shall soon be looking for new homes for them. Another chicken has gone broody and she will inherit the maternity ward left by Flappy Wings, so we may soon be over run with chicks!


  1. No hail along the river at Barrou that we experienced! We left just before the fireworks because it was looking very dodgy weatherwise. Drove home in a deluge, only to find that Preuilly itself had had no rain at all out of it! Apparently intense at LPP, with another storm in the early hours.

    • The. Wonders of Nature! We had very little at home as well.

  2. We sat on our hilltop in the south of the Vienne and watched the spectacular lightening some distance away. A quick check on the radar app and we were watching what you were suffering. How amazing is that?

    • Oh the wonders of modern technology. We can’t control the weather yet though!

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