Posted by: kathandroger | June 30, 2019


It has been hot here this week. And I mean hot. Over 40 degrees centigrade which is more than 100 degrees in old money! Anything over 30 is too much for me usually, but we were well warned about this heatwave, and really it hasn’t been too bad. We are about midway up France, and in the south it has been even worse, with records being set, schools being closed and workers being sent home. I work at home, so have continued cutting the grass and trying to prevent the weeds taking over the vegetable patch. Why can’t the heat just kill off the weeds, rather than encouraging them and making my beetroot flop? Watering is needed every night, but the flowers don’t seem at all grateful. The roads have been meltingIMG_0856and instead of having to avoid the crop sprinklers on my bike ride today, I had to avoid the seas of molten tar! Actually, today is much better, and it was a pleasure to be out before 8am in the cool of 25 degrees! Life is tricky, but after much experimentation, I have found the best way to stay cool is to lay in the shallow end of the swimming pool, with a nice gin and tonic to hand and to think nice thoughts in between sips. After lots of practice is becoming not too difficult.

The dog hates the hot weather, and spends all her time in the house trying to find a cool position. It is usually where she blocks a door, or she can be fallen over, and the only time she ventures outside during the day is when I am trying to have a little siesta in my hammock. Polly likes to join me!IMG_0848It is not really conducive to a nice little snooze!

But there are some people who are not put off by the hot weather. The Triathlon of Nouatre was held yesterday, again in temperatures of around 40 degrees. Swimming in the river was not a problem, in fact it was probably a relief, but the competitors then had to cycle for varying distances, and them run for the third leg. Kath and her intrepid friends competed as a relay team, one doing each discipline, and were the overall winners of the ladies team event. Inquiries as to how many ladies teams there were was met with some evasiveness, but well done anyway girls. It really is a lovely event, in a small local village which transforms itself into an international athletics centre on one day every year. Hats off to all the competitors.

Now it really was a lovely ride I had this morning, seeing hares and rabbits in the road, noticing unusual trees for the first timeIMG_0857and, as usual, very few cars on the road. But I really was not prepared for the animals I encountered just outside a local village. First there was a Llama, then several donkeys, and then this chap.IMG_0858 (2)The signs on the accompanying vans revealed a local circus, presumably making a short stop before the next show. The camel was the only one not complaining about the weather!

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