Posted by: kathandroger | June 16, 2019

New Potatoes.

The first of our new spuds have been  dug. Another landmark date in the relentless progression of mother natures’ world.IMG_0825 The cuckoo is still cuckooing, and the chiffchaff is chiffchaffing and the longest day is rapidly approaching. The winter wheat is now ready for harvest and the crest of the new year is upon us. I don’t like it. To me the awakening of spring and the first flush of flowers is the highlight of the year, and after next week we will be rolling downhill into winter again. And it all happens so quickly!

But it is time to be positive, and the fishing permit will soon be purchased, and the relentless pursuit of the local whoppers will be in full swing. I only wish I could catch some of them. Wily buggers, these French fish, and I reckon they know when a useless Englishman is on the bank, and all just shoal together and giggle. To make it worse, one of my friends in the village has been regaling me with reports of the monsters being taken out of the river at the bottom of his garden. Today is the 16th of June, the start of the fishing season in the UK, and millions of like minded idiots like me will be making their way to the waters edge. But how things have changed; I was in our local Decathlon store yesterday, and happened to find myself in the angling department. Now when I was a lad, all that was needed was an old rod and reel, some hooks and line, a bit of bread and maybe some worms. Not nowadays! There were rows and rows of all sorts of essential kit, like bite detectors and catapaults for firing out the stack of groundbait. I often see chaps making their way to fish carrying what looks like their whole worldly possessions with them, often pulling them on trolleys. Problem is, they probably catch fish, and I don’t.

The twin grandsons have made their way back to the UK, with the aid of mum. It was a real pleasure having them here, and although the weather was not good, the pool was well used. Strange how little ones can deny feeling cold when they are shivering and their lips are blue! The cherries on one of our trees are in full ripeness now and all within reach have been eaten. By the end of the trip I had even got used to the noise that young boys make, and it all seems very quiet here now. We had several nice walks in the surrounding woods, and although not identical, it was interesting how the call of nature seemed to affect both at the same time.IMG_0812I hope they will come again soon.

The new chickens have settled in well, and one has gone broody. No amount of dissuasion would convince her that the eggs are not fertile, so she has been put in a cage and is sitting on some fertile eggs we swapped with neighbour Claude. He is an interesting chap, who lives mainly in his caravan, and has countless little goats. His fowl are an interesting bunch and, if they hatch, it will be fun to see what sort of mixture we have.

After the cold and rain of the past weeks, hot sun is forecast, so maybe with some new chicks, and the garden producing nice fresh vegetables, life is not really too bad!

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