Posted by: kathandroger | June 9, 2019

French News.

I always listen to the news in French. Not only is it good for my paltry language skills, but it does give some insight into how the nation here differs from our own in the UK.

The most insignificant things often feature as the most important in French life. A couple of days ago was a good example. The worldwide conflicts, latest political decisions, and notable deaths were all secondary to the fact that some bad tasting beef had been imported from Poland! It was in no way dangerous, but was apparently made from the skin of the animals rather than the flesh, and did not have the flavour so important to the population. Quelle Horreur! The product was in tins and had been widely distributed, mainly to local needy. I have little doubt that anyone desperate for a good meal would eat anything, but here it has to taste correctly! And last year the death of the singer Johnny Halliday was a national catastrophe. Endless boring details day after day to the detriment of all other news items. OK he was like the king of France, but not so much for so long please! The national team won the footy World Cup last year, a great achievement, but surely not enough to suppress all other news items for a week. But there we have it; each nation is different, and it is fascinating to learn how the French tick.

To be fair, there was a good and complete coverage of the 75th anniversary of the D day landings. What a salutary experience to remember those thousands of young men being mown down on the beaches of Normandy. My generation have no idea of the suffering it must have caused to the countless families at home. I was thinking about it on my second rehabilitation bike ride when I came across this field not far from home.IMG_0777The poppies are in full bloom now, and what a lovely sight they are. It is just so sad that they will forever be associated, at least in my mind, with those beaches and all those deaths.

But on to brighter thoughts. The swallows in all the outbuildings have raised their first broods and in the evenings the sky is full of the lovely birds swooping and chattering. They are very protective of each other and when Dennis shows himselfIMG_0770they make high velocity attacks in his direction. He used to duck, but is now wise to the events, and just looks at them. He taunts the poor little birds just as he taunts the dog.

The twin grandsons have arrived from the UK. It was an interesting journey to pick them up from Limoges Airport, given that we were in the midst of the worst wind of the year. The storm had brought down some trees, but with the paucity of traffic it was easy to avoid them and our journey home was uneventful. Naturally the pool has become the centre of attraction.IMG_0783Polly the dog loves to play but thankfully will not jump in herself. The weather has not been all that hot, but Miller has found the joys of warm sun on the buttocks something to revel in.IMG_0787 (2)Wouldn’t it be lovely to be that age again?


  1. Cor! I’m glad I wasn’t out in that wind. I cancelled an outing to Amboise because of it.

    • I only had to dodge two fallen trees!

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