Posted by: kathandroger | May 19, 2019

The Musical Dog.

My shoulder still gives me pain at night. For that reason I have been taking an assortment of medications with varying results, sometimes slumber, sometimes altertness, and frequently dissatisfaction. But one night last week there was another sensation. At about 3am I became aware of distant classical music. Just loud enough to recognise the tunes, but not loud enough to identify the origin. We live far away from any organised music center, and our few neighbours, to my knowledge, are not classical music fans. It was pleasant and soothing, taking my mind off the nagging pain, but not knowing the source of the melodies was a frustration. To get out of the nice warm bed or not. Torn between relaxation and the thirst for knowledge, I levered myself up to open the nearest window and identify the culprit. Nothing, no noise, only the inrush of cold spring air. And then the realisation that the melodies, now Bachs’ Air on a G string, were coming from within the house. Surely a burglar would not have put on some classics to help in his endeavours? With one floppy arm at my side I crept downstairs, not putting on any lights. Sure enough, the music was coming from the kitchen, but there were no other noises, and all was in darkness. The useless dog was not in her bed, but not showing any sign of activity either. And there it was. The bloody animal had crept up onto the sofa, something she is forbidden to do, and must have bashed the start button on the music centre on doing so. She did manage to open one eye when accused of the crime, but showed no remorse. I crept back to bed with a mixture of amusement and displeasure, but slept!

It is still cold and nasty here. We have had a few nice bright days, but with a cold wind.IMG_0699A walk around our local resevoir was unremarkable except for a load of carp playing on the surface. This photo is pretty useless, as they did not wait for me, and stopped jumping around with each other before I could get the camera out. I am not sure if it was some sort of mating ritual, but they seemed to be having a good time. Perhaps it was a carp dance.

I was reminded of what France is all about in our local supermarket a few days ago. The lady cashier likes to try her English with me, and I knew she was a football fan. With the European Football competitions being dominated by English teams, I goaded her into a tirade about the failures of the French teams. She was not able to express her dissatisfaction in my native tongue, but was very good in her own. The reaction went on for several minutes, players and their attitudes to the game were discussed, and she made herself very clear about her views. But what is typical is that behind me the queue was becoming very long and not happy. No matter, chatting is important in France, and business must wait. Lovely.

We had a beautiful walk with the club around a local historical site on Thursday.IMG_0717 (2)I have never seen so many different species of orchid, and our local expert was able to enlighten and educate me. We even saw a slow-worm which cause much excitement, IMG_0721 (2)especially trying to explain that it was not a snake but a lizard which had lost its legs! They looked around for ages, but could not find any.

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