Posted by: kathandroger | April 28, 2019

Facial Hair.

Having had a few weeks without shaving because of the broken arm, facial hair has become something of a fascination for me. Predictably my own beard has that very blond, almost white appearance that must be something to do with maturity. Slightly different to that of son Jim.IMG_0573 (1)Now beards seem to be all the rage nowadays. But so does shaving the head. What is it all about? A delve into evolution seems to indicate that we were a lot hairier in ancient times. I guess it was to keep us warm whilst we were hunting mammoths, but it seems our womenfolk were less hairy than us even in those long gone days. Why was that? Perhaps they stayed in the caves and tended the fire whilst the men shivered outside, who knows, but I must say I prefer hairy people to be of the male gender. Now, in general, excess hair is eliminated by the fairer sex and celebrated by males. Do we think that modification of our natural excrescences makes us more attractive, or do us hairy ones just like to keep warm? Shaving the beard has been intermittent over the centuries, but shaving the head seems to be a more modern feature in males. I can understand some chaps wanting to disguise approaching baldness, but to shave the head and leave the beard seems to me to be like women keeping their bikini tops on and leaving off the pants! Maybe that will be all the rage on the beaches next year.

But back from theory into reality. What a lovely time of year, with the swallows chattering outside and the flora bursting with beauty all around us. Kath has been back to the UK for a few days and was amazed at the difference. The early purple orchids always do well around here, and in one field, which is largely left uncultivated, there is literally a carpet of flowers.IMG_0591And as usual our Wisterias have been magnificent. I heard on the French radio this morning that they are the least demanding of plants, that will find moisture with the help of various fungi, and that need only the poorest soil to thrive. IMG_0580We have several plants that have self seeded in the garden, and all are now in flower. I would like to give some away, but the roots are difficult to dig out.

The Honeywort which self seeded from pot grown plants in the courtyard has benefited from the hens not digging them up, and certainly do attract lots of  bees.IMG_0577 Incidentally there do seem to be lots this year, and also there were lots of dead insects on the windscreen recently, so hopefully the insect world is not in as bad shape as we suspected.

The vegetable garden has suffered with my disability, but I had managed to rotavate two rows before the accident. Broad beans are now forming, and the peas are in flower. I have planted the early spuds, and may sling in some maincrop this afternoon. In the greenhouse the forty or so tomato plants are looking good and will go out after St Glaces, the date in mid May after which frosts are forbidden under French Law.

Dog and Mog continue to amuse. Naturally the feline has the intelligence, and delights in being chased by Polly until he has had enough and hides. But unlike our old Airedale, there seems to be no competition for food.IMG_0598 (2)I have to say, that much to everyones disgust, I find the latest dry dog food delicious, and have to sample a few nuggets myself. Maybe we need a bigger bowl that we can all share!


  1. Wowee! Those orchids are a sight!! Are you sure they are Early Purps and not Green-winged? I’m tempted to come over and check them out.

  2. Will check again Susan, but you are welcome to come over anytime!

  3. Have rechecked the orchids today. No blotches on leaves, but wings don’t look green to me. Really don’t know!

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