Posted by: kathandroger | April 21, 2019

Back in the UK.UK.

`Last week was spent in the land of my birth. I have fallen in love with France, but it is always nice to go home. This trip was to be with the twin grandsons on their 4th birthdays, an event sure to be calm and serene. I joke.

The family live in Frome, a west country town now much loved by the DFL’s (Down from London), and I can see why. A pretty old town centre with lots of interesting shops, and steep and narrow roads.IMG_0553There are lots of small individual and unusual places to buy small and individual things; I don’t like shopping but managed to buy some bright red old fashioned wiring flex for making lamps… don’t find that in Bricomarche! And I wish I had more luggage allowance on the plane as the charity shops (which again we don’t have in France) were full of the sort of old junk that I love. There is also one little street with a stream running down the middle; if it were here in France I can guess what the chaps would use it for! IMG_0549Pubs are everywhere in Frome. One of the few things I miss here is the pubs and the good old fashioned British beers. I was dragged off one evening with some of the locals on the street to sample the ales. It was a difficult evening, but I managed it, although the old bladder isn’t what it was and capacity for endless pints had sadly diminished. I wonder why the French have not embraced the ambiance of the pub culture? Incidentally time was called at 11pm, but that only seemed to mean that a bell was rung for the clients to order more drinks; we left around midnight and things were still going strong!

But back to the reason for the trip. Twin boys have lots of energy. An ageing geezer with a broken arm less so. And the noise! Normal, excitable, emotional chaps on the main day of their year are a bit of a handful. Not me, the twins that is. Load of presents, all ripped open with delight and then discarded for the next gift, a seemingly endless parade of goodies. Then off to Bristol with both sets of grandparents and uncle Jim, to a hands on science set up.IMG_0566Two floors of buttons to push, things to pull (including a cows udder!), things to make, and even a space trip to visit the planets. The boys loved it.IMG_0558 (2)And outside was a paddling area to get soaked in, which really made the day. Well arranged parents!

So the short trip soon ended, after a cinema visit to watch the latest Mary Poppins film, which I loved. Ryanair was typically efficient and crowded, and the flight back to Limoges over in little more than an hour. Two hours in the car with Kath the Taxi ( I had planned to drive myself and leave the car at the airport) and we were home to the peace and quiet of rural France again. I took the dog up to the little building on top of our land and sat for a few moments in the peace and quiet; the silence only perforated by the cuckoo. Lovely trip, and lovely to be back in France.


  1. Living near Confolens we have three British run charity shops within a half hour drive. We go to the one whose proceeds help pay for schooling and education of Nepalese children. There is also a French run Red Cross charity shop in Confolens.

  2. Brilliant! I wonder if we can get something going here…but I may buy too much!

    • If you fancy a little trip out try The Rainbow Charity shop, Route 66 Hotel, 107 rue de la Liberation, 87320 Bussiere Poitevine. The village is on the D 942 just after its junction with the N147 about 16 km west of Le Dorat.

      • Thanks Helen, may drive down in the old soft top when the arm is healed!

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