Posted by: kathandroger | April 14, 2019

Bits and pieces!

Well I guess it is progress. I am managing to type with two hands this week. With the keyboard on my lap and not being able to reach all the keys it is still a bit of a struggle, but progress nevertheless! And only having one functioning eye doesn’t help either. What a miserable old blogger!

Last week some friends took me to a new brewery locally. Run by Tom, an escapee from the UK like the rest of us, it seems to be making some inroads into the local beer trade. He has set up his enterprise in a little barn next to his house, and at present is making a few thousand bottles a week of three different brews.dav I first met Tom one freezing morning at our local market, where he was trying to sell cold beer to cold French people without any success. Naturally I had to put him out of his misery, and I have to say it is a pleasure to sample something other than the local gassy bottled rubbish. Tom has brought his wife and two young children to France to start a new life and we all hope it goes well for them. I am not sure his advertising slogan on the back of his old delivery van will be universally appreciated, but it is certainly a bit different! Good luck Braslou Beers.dav

We have had more trouble with Brock the Badger. There are no chicken for him to take at the moment, but he managed to break the metal clasp on the back gate and gain entry to the orchard where he digs for worms. Bloody mess too, but it looked better after mowing, and I seem to have disuaded him from coming back with a rag soaked in Jeyes Fluid. Stinks like a smelly thing, and would certainly stop me from entering! But I like to see old Brock, so hope his still remains in the area.

The French seem to be very efficient at looking after and harvesting their woodland. Several little plots of trees locally have been felled and cleared over the winter. I guess we forget that trees are a crop just like the others, and need to be harvested when ready. This area shows the stages of the process, the logs, the twiggy bits and the huge shredded portion.IMG_0475 The landscape changes enormously, but it is all part of the charm of our local countryside.

Everything is growing like Billy O. I have no idea where the expression comes from, but it certainly applies to my grass, the flowers ( the early purple orchids have appeared this week), and to the lambs. The triplets are all doing well, but have been dwarfed by the singleton ram lamb who must now weigh at least double the smallest triplet. They all seem to get along well together and Polly holds no fear for them; it is wonderful to see them all gamboling together.

As an aside, my neck hurts a bit and I have just taken a paracetamol pill. The difference here is that my paracetamol also contains opium!! It doesn’t exist in the UK, and maybe that is why the French think the drug works so well. Certainly makes me feel better!

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