Posted by: kathandroger | March 3, 2019

Always on the go!

It would be nice to be able to sit down for a bit and contemplate the world. It just doesn’t happen here. There always seems to be something to do, and sitting only brings the undone tasks into focus.

The main effort over the past fortnight has been digging all the old joints out from the paving around the swimming pool; a lousy, noisy and dirty job which seems to go on for ever..but more about that next week.

The spring weather has finally broken, but not until we had the warmest day ever for February in France. It was 23 degrees on our bike ride on Wednesday, but again there was only two of us in shorts, and only me in the summer riding vest. Oh, les Francais!

Around La Belardiere it has been wonderful for early morning walking in the mist and sunshine. I was astonished to find this field.IMG_0406The first cut of silage has already been made! I had noticed it had been cut, but was too slow to catch the collection. The farmer on this plot usually gets two cuts of silage, then ploughs and sows sweetcorn. It starts a bit behind the other maize fields, but soon catches up. In England if silage was made in April they had done well, so this early crop was extraordinary.

But we have had a bit of wind. So have I after eating lots of Jerusalem Artichokes from the garden recently, but that is a less pleasant story. My Giraffe, which was fitted over a sturdy post, has fallen onto the wall and is now overlooking our new “STOP” sign at the corner of our property. Incidentally I am not sure why the English word is used in France, but guess it is international. Anyway I was planning to pull the animal back upright but it looks amusing where it is so I will leave it until there is an official complaint.IMG_0404

I am in the process of joining another walking group in La Grand Pressigny, a pretty village just over the river, but in another Department and Region of France! It is all a bit more official than our group here, but and needs a medical certificate for insurance purposes. Accordingly I made an early visit to my GP in another village, having carefully checked his times on the computer, only to be met with this..IMG_0407It says, in effect, “bugger off, I am on my well earned holiday”! Now I really like the chap, who works like we did in the UK fifty years ago, with no staff and an open surgery every day. But I do think that in this day and age he could have let his clientele know a bit more efficiently rather than stick a scruffy notice on his front door. C’est la vie.

And again on the walking theme, last Sunday was a special walk for all clubs in the region over the river. It was marked by the production of crepes (pancakes) for all the participants, eaten with jam and honey (bizarrely never with lemon and sugar in France), after the walk.IMG_0396All the crepes were produced by members of our club, but I have to admit that I pleaded incompetence and was pardoned from production. Cider is drunk with the pancakes, and all seemed to be well received by the participants. There were hundreds of them, both pancakes and participants,IMG_0395and the day was gorgeous. After 14 kilometres the crowd had dispersed quite a bit! What with walking the dog each day I reckon we walked more than 50 km last week, but in the lovely sunshine it was a real delight. We still need some rain, but who is moaning?


  1. 263 participants and 1200 crepes if you want to know the official figures. Sugar can be sprinkled, but lemon seems to be a foreign idea. And you forgot the most important — chocolate spread!

    Just back from the inter-club Sunday rando, btw.

  2. Thanks Susan. Hope you appreciate half your head in the photo!

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