Posted by: kathandroger | February 24, 2019

Bizzare….les Francais.

I really do love the French. They have been so friendly to us and have made living in their country a real pleasure. It is important to speak the language of course, and my initial pathetic attempts are now much better and I can talk to anyone. Whether they understand me or not is a different matter however!

So it was with some pride that I announced on our club bike ride on Wednesday that I had planted my peas in the garden. Astonishment all round “but don’t you know that it is a full moon”? Yes I did know it was a full moon, but what difference does that make, I planted them during the daytime. “The full moon means it is time to plant root crops, not peas, there is no chance of them coming up!” Not that I would be planting roots at this time of the year, but no matter. The French are convinced that the moon controls all our gardening efforts, and no way can they be disuaded. We will see if the peas come up-I shall only tell them if they do so!

And another thing about Les Francais. It was warm on Wednesday, so I did the sensible thing and wore shorts on the bike ride. Much amusement. “But it is only February, we can’t wear shorts in February”. Yes but the weather is like summertime, so why not be more comfortable? No way would they be convinced. I used to think of the French as a liberal, free thinking race, but no, they are the most regimented race I have come across.

Yes and another whinge about my country of residence. I have recently joined a walking group in another village. They are a lovely mixed group of French and English, and the walks are well organised, varied in location and very enjoyable.IMG_0389But the difference between this larger and well organised group and our little band here in St Remy is that they are affiliated to the regional walking group. I am not sure what advantages that bestows, but it does mean that I need to provide a medical certificate as well as a fee, to join them. It is for insurance cover of course, but it does get right up my nose to have to go and see my Doctor to get a piece of paper saying I am fit to do what I do every day anyway. And if I rejoin the dancing group, I will need another certificate, and likewise for cycling. One blanket certificate will not do. Oh, la la la, les Francais!

Anyway, the fine weather continues, the daffodils are out all over, and our lovely crocuses on the lawn continue to give me great pleasure. IMG_0385Is there anything more lovely than nature in Springtime?

Even the local milking herd of cows are out in the fields already, almost unknown for February.IMG_0392In Dorset I remember seeing the cows let out into the sun for the first time after being inside for all winter; they run around like schoolchildren let out to play. Lovely.

The warmer weather means the lizards are becoming active, and one made the fatal error of coming into the kitchen this week. Dennis the cat caught the little thing, bashed it about for a while, and then called Polly the dog to come and have a look.IMG_0387I like the little chitchats as we used to call them overseas. They are harmless and pretty, and don’t deserve to be serially dismembered by domestic animals. But then again do my pretty little lambs deserve to be dismembered by a hungry human?

I watched the rugby last evening in a local bar with some French, Scottish, and English friends. Happily there were no gloating Welshmen there, as we were well beaten, but at least the French were happy with their first victory this year. We were just like schoolboys again. Good fun.



  1. And should you want to enter an organised event you’ll need yet another certificate. Our doctor made sure to tell us we ‘don’t have the right’ to enter an event with the certificates he had just written us, which say we are capable of walking x km in x time.

    Domestic cats are the reason European Wall Lizards have been extirpated in all European cities.

    See you soon, brandishing medical certificates and trumpeting our blood type 🙂

    • Sorry Susan, I thought I had replied yesterday! I will kill the cat, and then go and try to blag multiple and varied medical certificates.

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