Posted by: kathandroger | February 10, 2019

Sixteen for Rosemary!

She is not the prettiest. She is not the most elegant. She is greedy and has an unpleasant voice. But my, can she produce lambs!

Rosemary has just had her third set of triplets.IMG_0344I had checked her last thing on Monday evening, and first thing Tuesday morning her new family was already up and about. These lambs are within a few hours of birth, but already cleaned and they were suckling within no time.IMG_0353And the clever girl had them under cover in the shed. All three are obviously small, but of the same size; two boys and a girl, Peter Paul and Mary. That makes sixteen lambs in the seven years she has been productive. Sheep can breed until they die; some reports detail sheep of eighteen years, but our old girl will retire before then. Interestingly, humans and one other mammal -I think the elephant- are unusual in that the female stops ovulating. I wonder what the population of our world would be if they didn’t?

But not to be left behind, Flossie, our third year lamb, produced one big boy, Kelly, the next day. IMG_0355He is already bigger than the triplets, and will grow much more quickly without fighting for a spare teat. Sheep have only two, and it seems a pity that she can’t help Rosemary out, but they are very protective of their own offspring. Meanwhile, dad Hercules is completely unconcerned; he is getting on a bit now and it is reassuring to see that even old chaps can still do the job!

We will probably swap Mary for another female to breed from, but that leaves the three boys for slaughter at the end of the year. I really don’t want to do it again, so I shall have to make some other plans.


Our walking group on Mondays continues to provide amusement. We walked in a different commune last week, over very empty fields and woods. I came across this sign outside a weekend retreat in the middle of nowhere. IMG_0339The pond, which can just be seen through the gate, was a bowl of mud, the land derelict, but it was obviously important to the owners that none of the locals decided to skinny dip without permission; the sign says “bathing prohibited”!

Wandering through the woods nearer our home I came across this big badger sett.IMG_0345Polly was about to disappear in pursuit until I called her off; some friends in England had to dig their dog out a badger hole some years ago, and it took them several hours. That and the animal being attacked by the occupant has made me very wary of these big holes.

And finally, this is the year of the Pig in the Chinese calendar. I love pigs, and my sign is a pig in their system. We had a lovely evening at a friends’ house to celebrate, and I was delighted to read my favourable horoscope. What with a good Burns’ night last month, and Paddies’ day next month this is the start of a good year!

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