Posted by: kathandroger | February 3, 2019

Two Extremes!…and old cars.

The family have all been to visit Disney World in Florida recently. It was, of course, a wonder for the seven grandchildren, and for some of the adults as well. But it was very much in high season, and apparently the queues were never ending. I was quite happy to remain in rural France and think about them having a good time, and it is the only occasion when the twin grandsons eventually gave in to exhaustion.SOQE9734This is what Disney World can do to you! Some of us never grow up and son Tom, father of two, was delighted to meet his idol Chewbacca.ITFZ5018What a lovely fantasy world, and so far from the relentless reality of life.

But the other extreme is life here in peaceful France, that is when the dog is not barking endlessly like she is at the moment. I walked her yesterday and came upon the hunt just up the road. Polly was on her lead, unusually, and we met the “Guard du Chasse” (gamekeeper) John Claude a few moments later. He told me they had managed to kill one little deer (there were about forty hunters), but that this was the last hunt of the year and I could let the dog off the lead from now on. So today we wandered through the woods on a beautiful frosty sunny morning only to come across the hunters once more! They were apparently trying to slaughter some wild boar and had we had been casually wandering through the hunting ground. I met John Claude a bit later and he explained that when he told me the season had finished, he meant only on one side of the forest track and not the other! It was only when we got back home, after chatting to some hunting friends, that the sign had been put up right outside our house.IMG_0338.JPGPolly liked the look of the hound and wondered whether she could join him. It really does not appeal to me; standing around doing nothing for hours at a time and getting cold, but they are a friendly bunch of chaps, and I expect it is done for the ambiance as well as for the pot.

Without being too lavatorial, I have written before about Brock the Badger, and how he likes to dig a hole to contain his excrement. I found a beautiful example of this tidy animals work a couple of days ago.IMG_0295I bet it was Mrs Brock, so much more organised than us chaps, and it had obviously been used several times. Or perhaps it is a communal toilet where the Badger clan can linger and catch up on the latest news!

It always upsets me to see old cars just left abandoned. We have two in the garden next door, this old 2CV IMG_0294and a little Fiat 500. When we arrived ten years ago, it was covered with a tarpaulin and in good condition, but the cover has long gone and it is now an ivy covered wreck. I have remonstrated with the seldom visiting English owner, but he does nothing and reckons it is worth more as spare parts-if any of them remain in working order that is. What a pity. And today we came across another wreck in the depths of the woods.IMG_0332I don’t know what it is, but it must have been there for many years as the terrain is almost impenetrable now. Again a tad too far gone for restoration I fear. I shall keep wandering in the woods and maybe come across a treasure one day!


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