Posted by: kathandroger | January 12, 2019

Misty, Moisty Mornings.

It is that time of the year. The shortest day has passed, but the mornings seem to be even darker. An old sea captain told me that this is normal, to begin with the evenings get lighter to lengthen the day, but the evenings are pretty dark as well! Still, we have loads of logs in the barn, the woodburners are lit, and our little house is warm and cosy. Incidentally, the French have pinched our word, and describe any little house as “cosy”, and they haven’t even changed the “y” into an “ie”. Me trying to learn the language will be a waste of time soon; all the English words will be the same in French! We had some hard frosts here when we were in England, but now the weather is just damp, cold, and miserable. Luckily there has been little wind, which always makes things feel even colder. There was a time in the UK when I prayed for high winds; it meant that I could get out onto the oggin and do some windsurfing. Alas those days have gone now, and being in icy water falling off a plank and struggling to get back on again is only a fond memory. So now we have a series of misty and moisty mornings. img_0251This is the view back to our property from up our little lane today, the wood is where our logs come from, and the little roof houses our summer drinking spot on the top of the hill. Those summer days do seem a long way off now. The field of oil seed rape on the right will provide a carpet of yellow in the spring, except in the bit of field next to our fence. The bloody goat lifted it up with his horns whilst we were away, and he and the three sheep have managed to eat off a goodly area! I must remember to give the farmer a bottle of fine wine with my apologies.

Having a dog means we feel guilty is she is not walked, so with that incentive our whimsical wanderings together are very much a part of daily life. I enjoy stumbling through the thick woods, off the tracks, and we often see lots of deer, game birds, and hares. Polly loves to chase the hares, and I love watching her: there is no chance of the animal being caught, and the sudden change of direction they make leaves the dog completely confused. The flowers have long gone now of course, but the bright green of this patch of moss on a bank was a good reminder of the wonderful colours of later in the year.img_0254And this is the time of year when the snowdrops bloom. To me they are the signal of spring just around the corner, but the corner is long and the display is only just getting underway. img_0257Still, there remains lots to do in the garden. The leaves in the games area under the walnut tree seem to get thicker and more difficult each year. I have already emptied two trailer loads over the road, but am only about halfway there. Our big wisteria has been pruned, a job which I don’t relish, and I am sad to report that lots of the huge main trunk seems to be rotten. img_0255It has given us a beautiful display each year, and will be a real loss if it dies. Still, we have some of its offspring just round the corner, so all will not be lost.

This is again the season for the “Galette des Rois”. This typically French occasion celebrates the Epiphany, when the three kings came to see the infant Jesus. It should be on January 6th, and often is, but as with many celebrations here, the dates become blurred and feasts on the sweet tarts continue for most of the month. We have missed a few tarts, but will attend our cycling club event this evening. My paunch will soon hang over my handlebars!


  1. We’ve got the walking club galettes to eat this afternoon, and partook of the municipal ones on Friday.

    • Bonjour Carrie! My wife does not communicate with me of late, and hence I did not know you had commented on the blog! So good to hear from you; I drove past your house after Christmas and thought about you, Alan, and your parents. Time passes so fast nowadays, but I will always have those wonderful memories of Child Okeford and the lovely patients I had the privilege to look after. Would love to hear from you on my email… All the Best, Roger. xx

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  2. Our first galette with the cycling club was delicious! Not the flakey dry type, but solid and tasty, it probably has a special name but I didn’t catch it!

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