Posted by: kathandroger | December 30, 2018

Another one gone!

One of the few things that worry me is how fast the years go nowadays! Yesterday we were looking forward to a new season and now it is long gone. But it does mean the annual pilgrimage to the land of our births. And this year it is special as my grandchildren and their parents had migrated from distant lands to be with us. From Germany and Australia they flew, and brought with them the endless joy and noise that we know so well. And that was only the parents! Can there be anything better than seeing the glee on childrens faces at Christmas?img_0231 Yes of course there were fights between the three year old twin boys, but the nascent maternalism of their young cousins soon pacified any disputes. They have all flown off to Disneyworld in Florida now, and the old fella is wallowing in the peace and quiet. I must admit that the intense commercialisation of the Christmas upets me a trifle (and thinking about it, we had no trifle this year!),but it was lovely having everyone together for a few days.

But  what about the UK? I am pleased to report that the traffic is light by normal standards, and I am enjoying motoring to old haunts and seeing old mates. The countryside here in the West country is beautiful, but even better are the pubs! A good pint of bitter with chums in a country pub is one of the joys of life and one of the few things I miss in France. The only problem is that the names of the brews change so much that I don’t which is the best, and many have to be sampled. Life is difficult sometimes!

I made it back to my old village in Dorset yesterday, and came upon the local Foxhunt in all its glory.img_0235 There were still lots of anti hunt protesters about, all talking to each other by radio and trying to take photos of any illegal action. The hunting of foxes with hounds is allegedly banned, but it goes on as normal, and prosecutions are rare. Apparently a photo of the dogs actually killing quarry with the hunters present and not calling the hounds off is needed, and that is difficult to do. Still it is all jolly fun and I don’t think any foxes or protesters were killed.

The local area, as usual, had lots of new buildings in previously banned areas, but the local walkways had been improved, and it seems that everybody in Dorset now has a dog! A very pretty place, but too many people for me. Can I please come back to rural France?

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