Posted by: kathandroger | November 25, 2018

Autumn Battles.

From the calm of late summer, the weather has become unsettled and sometimes violent. So have the people of France. The battles of the “gilets jaunes” continues and has affected everyone here. I could not get onto the motorway to fetch Kath from the airport a few days ago, and many petrol stations are still blocked. I have to say that locally, although there are lots of protesters, it all seems fairly good humoured, especially if I put my yellow vest in the front of the car. Not so in Paris, where yesterday there was rioting in the city with lots of damage and dozens of people injured. The numbers involved were actually less than expected, although 70% of the population are said to support the actions. As always, it is the very small proportion of mindless vandals who usually have no political motivation and just want to wreck anything around them that grab the headlines. I feel so sorry for the innocent shopkeepers and business people who have to rebuild their lives after the “casseurs” (wreckers) have destroyed their properties. And the Police, many of whom have sympathy for the cause of the protests, are often injured just trying to do their duty. What is it in the minds of hooligans that just wants to hurt people for no reason? But having demonised the few, most protesters are peaceful and it seems they have good reasons for taking legal action. Macron is a very clever man in my opinion, but like all talents, too much intelligence is not always a good thing. Like money, beauty and inheritance, these things isolate the individual from the average person, and the feeling here is that the “common man” has been forgotten by the rich and clever president with his lavish lifestyle. We saw it before with Sarkozy, and it is no longer tolerated. He must make some concessions regarding the rising taxes and the diminishing buying power of the currency for the average French individual. Politically France is as divided as the UK, with no obvious alternative to Macron, and anyway he has another few years to go before the next elections. Come on Emmanuel, have some compassion for the genuine grievances, and lets make the average Frenchie smile again!

So what is happening to cheer us up in the UK? It seems that Mrs May has got a deal on the table which will be approved today by the EU. Donald Tusk, the EU President has said that “no one has a reason to be happy”, and it appears that the deal will be rejected by the UK government in Parliament next month anyway!
How I hate politics!

Now back to real life. I had a lovely meal in the village hall yesterday lunchtime. It was the annual gathering of the mature elders for the first of the Christmas celebrations, and after foie gras, then confit de canard, then cheese, then gateau de noel, washed down with first rose and then red wine, all was well with the world. Kath arrived to taxi me home to watch the rugby on the television. And we won and France were beaten by Fiji! That will upset the locals. Better get some exercise in today, but we have the cycling club annual lunch at midday, so it may not get done!
Finally the local Salamanders have been showing themselves.IMG_0156 We see them in the autumn after the rains in the local oak woods. Apparently they are mainly nocturnal and move very slowly, a bit like one of our neighbours.
And the Autumn leaves are everywhere and need picking up.IMG_4089 This is another, less important battle we have to fight, and the leaves under the walnut trees need to be gathered because they do damage the lawn. The others under the fruit trees can be mowed and Kath has done a good job!IMG_4090
The sheep have been butchered, the chickens are still laying, and there are lots of vegetables still in the garden. Life isn’t as bad as the media portrays!


  1. I’ve seen 3 squashed salamanders on the roads near local woods here. Such a shame.

    • I have to say that we are not seeing so many these last few years. I hope they are not threatened in any way.

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