Posted by: kathandroger | November 18, 2018

Yellow Jackets and fancy fungi.

I love France. There is a different attitude to life in general here, which is often wonderful but sometimes strange. I guess it is all the now inbred emotions about equality since the revolution from over two hundred years ago, and is manifested in the vigour and determination which characterises the many strikes and demonstrations we have here. The government is led by Emmanuel Macron, and he is not having an easy time. He was chosen a couple of years ago, mainly because he offered something different (his was a new party with many new and untried members), and because he was young, good looking, and had an older wife who used to be a teacher at his school! There is no doubt that Emmanuel has brains and plans, but his reforms have not met with approval from the French, who remain entrenched in the old familiar ways they have practiced for years. He has become keen on reducing pollution, among other things, and has raised the price of diesel fuel quite markedly over the past months. Most French drive diesel cars, and they are not amused. The buying power of the euro has apparently also been reduced, and the average household is feeling the pinch. So the only thing to do is to strike and to demonstrate. IMG_4088 This demonstration is typified by the “gilet jaune” or yellow jacket. Everyone with a car has one, as it is the law to do so, so it makes it simple to don a car jacket and be dressed for the fun. But it is not fun when things get our of control as they have done over the past few days. One woman has been killed after demonstrators blocked roads and a woman trying to drive her daughter to hospital ran her over. And dozens have been injured in the inevitable violence which accompanies mob action. Mr Macron has said little, but his ratings have dropped to an all time low. I don’t think he really worries about that as he seems to have a vision for his country and won’t be swayed from it. Good luck to him. Nobody seems to mention the new scheme whereby car owners can change their old polluting machines to more modern ones and be helped by a grant of 4,000 euros! The French love to whinge and show their solidarity. It doesn’t help them at all, and there is no way things will change, but they feel they have made their point. God bless them.
With the first frost this morning, winter is almost here. The autumn, like last year, has been notable for the lack of rain, and so the mushrooms have been very poor again. It does give the locals another thing to whinge about, but I don’t think we will have a demonstration about it! Now I know next to nothing about fungi, but in view of the local residents being expert, have begun to notice these strange living things. IMG_0165 This big chap was on a dead tree by our local resevoir. I don’t know what he is called but he didn’t look good to eat. IMG_4085 This little group are in our wood. They look very sweet and perhaps they are edible, but there is no way I am going to try them unless one of my trusted local friends reassures me and eat some first. A bit further into the wood was this pretty little group, again attached to an old dead tree. IMG_4087 I don’t fancy this one either, but the local fungi are interesting when the local flowers are all gone. My culinary needs do not necessarily include smelly things growing on trees. Tonight we have something much better than that. The flock has been reduced over the past week and sheep testicles are on the menu!


  1. Lovely fungi photos. I think you have excellent taste in cars and the colour is the best! Helen in France.

    • Merci Helen
      I assume you have a similar voiture!

      • Two Skodas. A white Superb estate and a bright red Yeti. The latter is mine and I just love it. Shame they have stopped making them just when i was thinking of replacing it. Clutch went at 50,000km which we felt was unreasonable and Skoda came up with two thirds of the cost.

  2. I didn’t realise the Yeti had finished. I guess the new SUV has taken its place. We are on our second Octavia…this one petrol and very economical, we both love it, and it contrasts well with Kaths 2CV and my old kit car!

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