Posted by: kathandroger | November 10, 2018

November 5th to 11th.

Virtually unknown in France, Guy Fawkes’ night is an enduring favourite of us Brits. We have managed to educate some of the locals about the “Gunpowder Plot”, and they do understand bringing down governments! A few years ago we had a celebration of the day here, after clearing the use of fireworks with our bemused local Mayor. He did understand that the English like to burn people as they all remember Joan of Arc! This year our friends David and Jayne who live in a different region of France, but only across the river a few miles away, invited us over. Now Kath loves making a Guy, and has done so all her life she tells me. My anatomically correct frame, made of old garden sticks with wire joints, was rejected in favour of her old trusted method of stuffing my old clothes with paper which she had begged from her incredulous English students. Now times have changed remarkably since our last event, and the face of the Guy just had to be Boris Johnston.IMG_20181105_191021 The Guy is on the left! He went up in smoke much to the enjoyment of the assembled multitude.IMG_20181105_191623 (2) After a lovely meal, including the traditional Yorkshire Parkin cake, an unrehearsed musical evening was enjoyed by all. I tried to help the French contingent in a rendering of “Le temps de cerises”, but reckon I was more of a hinderance! Thanks for a great evening.
The weather is definitely looking autumnal now, and the beautiful Autumn colours are a joy to behold. Our weekly club bike ride was not possible with the rain and wind, but I did manage to get out yesterday afternoon for a couple of hours. Since taking the iphone with me for photos, rides have become much more of an artistic affair.IMG_0186 The French love their woodpiles, and this one must have been made using a laser guide! I thought it was a French thing, but noted the same precise piles in Germany a couple of months ago…but I guess one would expect that of the Germans!
The local wild Boar have been causing their usual havoc on the roadsides.IMG_0182 We don’t see them very often, but enjoy the family groups crossing the local roads at night. I read that they are becoming more and more common, and whereas the roadside damage is minor, in a field of crops they can wreak havoc. The local hunters do their best, but numbers are still rising. Perhaps I can do a bit more for reducing global warming by eating more wild boar.
And talking of animals, our sheep are due for the annual cull soon. I hate it happening, but meat eaters must take responsibility. I was working in the field last week putting in new fence posts to try and curtail the goats’ escapes, when I noticed Polly paying great attention to Rosemarys’ hind leg. On further inspection, she was licking an old wound that the ageing sheep has sustained some weeks ago.IMG_0178 None of the other sheep pay her any attention. Lovely. My only mistake was to discard my shirt, which Moins Dix, the goat, started eating, and the sheep came to see if it was tasty or not.IMG_0180 It wasn’t!
And so on to the 11TH, Armistice Day. I had been asked to attend a memorial march in another village, to dress up as a soldier, and carry an old rifle. I used to love being in the “Drill Squad” in the Combined Cadet Force at school; all that stamping around and shouting orders, but just feel so sad now about all the horrific loss of life, and declined. There are small parades in most of the local villages even now, and I agree it is important to remember. It will be interesting to see if it has any effect on the volume of hunting and shooting that we normally experience on a Sunday.

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