Posted by: kathandroger | October 28, 2018

Bye Bye Summer.

Our last guests of the year left yesterday. We don’t usually have visitors this late because of the inclement weather, but Angie and Co had a lovely week of sunshine and temperatures in the 20’s. We still haven’t had any rain and the surrounding fields are as dry as a bone. The local farmers have been scraping the topsoil and feverishly trying to get the winter corn sown before the rain comes. The dust seemed to be rising from fields all around us.IMG_0145
But signs that the summer is over are all around too. This time of year our club bike rides are marked by cycling into strands of cobwebs which float all over the countryside. It appears that spiders are very active at this time of year and that the webs break off to distribute the baby spiders by wind power. The process in called “ballooning”, but I have no idea why! Anyway the busy little beasts exhibit their labours all around, and it does look pretty in the early morning dew.IMG_0141
I don’t think we will be cycling in shorts and shirts anymore this year, but it was wonderful only a few days ago to be able to meander our lanes and admire the horses.IMG_0135 I was lucky enough to be able to ride racehorses in the UK, and that and the pubs are the only thing I miss in France. These youngsters are bred locally, and all looked wonderful in the full sunshine.
Because of the lack of rain, the mushroom season has so far been very poor, to the chagrin of the locals. Usually at this time of the year we have some rain with the warm weather and the woods and fields yield the usual supplement to the Frenchmans’ diet. We did pick some big and ugly fungi on our ramble on Monday, and I am assured that they would be good to eat, but I would not touch them with a barge pole! We did have some mushrooms appear in out field though, and although Kath is wary, I had some on toast, with our tomatoes and lettuce and they were delicious!IMG_4077
So the summer has gone and the heating is on. The clocks went back today and we would have had an extra hour in bed if we weren’t looking after a friends’ couple of dogs in addition to Polly. Dogs don’t do time changes, so first light meant placating the pack and letting them out for a pee. Still, we have lots of good wood for the fires, plenty of dry logs to cut up, and we will not be cold. The garden is still looking good, and we have managed to rotavate the rows which contained the tomatoes and beans, and it all looks unusually tidy for this time of the year. We are promised rain from this afternoon, and that will be a good excuse to get into the workshop for a play.
The clouds today have been magnificent. All of natures’ emotions were there; the pure calm blue sky to one side, the rumblings of an oncoming change to another. The nests of pure white cauliflower like cumulus contrasted with the angry looking dark storm clouds which despite the threat never did arrive. And the fading sun seemed to have accepted that the days of heat are over and dipped gently away. The metal giraffe at the end of the garden watched it all without moving a muscle.IMG_4081.JPG Maybe she was admiring herself in the newly installed traffic mirror at the crossroads.
Come on winter, I want to light the fire!

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