Posted by: kathandroger | October 21, 2018

Save the World!

There is rarely any good news in the world. It would be lovely to read a newspaper and not feel depressed, especially about our environment. I was pondering over the problems this morning on our walk with the dog in the wonderful autumn early morning.IMG_0133 Recently the ongoing debates about global warming and pollution have been everywhere, and enveloped by pessimism. It won’t be us who suffer, but our children and grandchildren, but action is needed now, and most of us seem to want to blame the mindless inaction of politicians worldwide. So what can you and I do? A complete change of lifestyle, with no polluting travel, and a vegan diet, would be the most effective contribution, but all but a very few could manage that. We need to feed the world, and with the increasing demand for meat, and increasing affluence to pay for it, meat production has become one of the most damaging elements in the overall production of greenhouse gasses. Beef is the main culprit, largely being the most ineffective way per unit of land for protein production, although there is a great difference between pasture fed cows and those from newly deforested land. And meat production also pollutes both water and air. Poultry is better, eggs not bad, and surprisingly to me, crustacean and farmed fish are among the greater polluters. But overall damage to soil fertility with some modern farming methods for plant production has also to be taken into account, and there is no doubt that managed grazing by animals can maintain soil fertility. Nitrogen fertilizers and insecticides have decimated insects in the never ending quest for increasing production.
OK, then, what am I going to do?IMG_4074 I have stopped drinking milk and am using soy milk on my morning cereals. I will not eat beef, except when given it (the day after my bold action, we were served a fillet of beef in our meal with the walking club, and there was no choice!), and will try to cut down on other red meats. I do feel slightly guilty in that dairy farming is not nearly as bad as beef farming, and I knew so many struggling dairy farmers in the UK. I have to say that the soy milk change has not been a problem, and I quite like the taste already, but I will miss that lovely rare steak!
But what about all that polluting travel? Our new petrol care is amazingly economical (50+ miles per gallon), but we live out in the sticks, and cutting down on trips will be difficult. The bike is used a lot, but only for pleasure rides, and in mid winter, carting our shopping back from the local town will be a bit of a drag. Air travel is hugely polluting, but cutting that out would mean not seeing family in Australia, and not taking advantage of the incredibly cheap flights that Mr Ryanair offers. It is a bit ironic that I want to see granddaughters on the other side of the world, but will be poisoning their future by doing so.
I must eat more nuts! We have so many hazelnuts and walnuts here at the moment, and still have boxes left over from the past two years. Nuts contain 2/3 good fats, and the other third is equally protein and carbohydrates. Great food which we stupidly ignore!IMG_4076 The wily Filbert Beetle knows all about the hazelnuts, and this little chap has grown fat on one of them. Luckily we have not had such a heavy infestation this year, and there are still loads of nuts to be picked up.
So in conclusion I am feeling a tiny bit better about my polluting the planet, but accept that Draconian measures are needed by governments worldwide to prevent the problems worsening. But hey, the sun is shining, it is still a beautiful world, and we must go on enjoying the pleasures we have.


  1. If we all made some changes it would be a different world. Have you considered making your own nut milk instead of using soya?

    • No is the answer, but we have loads and
      loads of walnuts and hazelnuts this year. Is it easy?

      • I had a go with cashew nuts some time go and it was fairly easy, but I need a bigger blender/ processor, as I’ve only got a tiny one and it over flowed! Its only an attachment to a stick blender. Plus the left over ground nuts you can use in baking. Its on my to do list to choose normal sized blender/ processor so I can save money!

  2. Thanks…I will have a go with our great big blender!

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