Posted by: kathandroger | September 9, 2018

The Toad, Hair and Fungus.

What a strange week. No guests until yesterday and the place feels empty and unfulfilled. But we still have the lovely sunny days of early September, with fresh mornings and the flocks of wheeling swallows getting ready to leave us. I took Polly the dog fishing in the canoe in the week. She caught nothing, but neither did I, and the bloody animal jumped on my favourite fly rod and broke it into several pieces. Never take a girl fishing. But to get the canoe out of the cellar we cane across Crappy the Toad. He is the oldest toad in the village, and is very much looking his age.IMG_4044 I was struck with despair at the deterioration in his condition, and had to go straight to the garden to dig some worms for him. After looking at his potential meal for some moments, one was devoured, but the big one made a run for it (can worms really run?) and was gone into a crack in the dirt floor before you could say “run for it worm”.IMG_4045 Crappy looked much better afterwards and seemed to want a glass of port and a fine cigar, but I had fishing to do.

With our recent rain and then the warm weather, the local mushrooms should be coming into season. I shall try some new ones this year, but probably not the puffballs that we have tried in the past. I knew that fungi produce lots of seed, but was astonished to find this old puffball in our field, which had hardened, split open beautifully, and was discharging literally millions of spores.IMG_4050 What a clever thing is nature.

Kath has been working hard in the gites, and I have been digging up the road outside the house. The gravel from our drive tends to spread all over the outside area, and I wanted to tidy it up. I am not sure that the road authorities would have approved of my using the heavy cutting disc to remove chunks of tarmac, but it does look much neater now.IMG_4049 Anyway, we were both feeling a bit exhausted, and looking forward to a good night’s sleep, when some weird noises prevented our slide into somnolence. I opened the window, but could hear nothing. Then the music started, obviously Mozart, and coming from our kitchen downstairs. Feeling very aware of my nudity and timidity I crept down to find the CD player on and the dog looking guilty. Either she adores the “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik”, or she accidentally pushed the start button whilst chasing an errant wasp. I guess the latter.

One of the pleasures of living here is that I have my hair cut by a friend who has a business visiting people at their homes and making them look more beautiful. It had been a long time since the last shearing, and Katia arrived on time as usual to trim my long locks. It is strange how we think (us men that is), that we still have load of hair. Katia does a very good job, and it is a pleasure to chat to her, but the clearing up afterwards is my task. I had thought that to clear all the fallen hair would be a bit like clearing the autumn leave and take ages. In fact, this was all there was after the operation.IMG_4046 (2) And to make matters much, much worse, she asked if I wanted my eyebrows trimmed, as they were apparently very long. It appears that the majority of the hair on the floor had come, not from my head, but from those ageing eyebrows! Life goes on.

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