Posted by: kathandroger | August 26, 2018

Too much fruit!

We have good years and we have bad years in the orchard. This year is exceptional. Often, the promise of the lovely spring blossom is spoiled by the ferocious frosts of February and March, but this year we have been spared of natures’ pruning. Now, in high summer, we have loads of produce and the problem is what to do with it. The plums are pendulating IMG_4035 the apples are arching from the boughsIMG_4037 and the pears have produced an act of self mutilation from the sheer weight of their bounty.IMG_4036
But what does all this mean for us? Lots of clearing up of rotten fruit, chickens fed up with eating, and us suffering the effects of all that fibre in the diet. Walks with the dog in the early morning have frequently been punctuated by sudden calls of nature which are not pretty to watch, and I am pleased we do not live in Regents’ Park! I have thought of buying a fruit press, but all the juice will probably leak in the freezer and the wrath of the wife in those situations makes the process intolerable. Cider seems a good idea, but I am not particularly keen on the drink and it is cheap to buy anyway. The grapes will soon be ready to harvest, and grape juice is simple to make, so I may stick to that. Otherwise the compost heap is just going to get bigger and bigger and the vegetable patch next year may produce another mini orchard!
Wasps and hornets are common at the moment. Each of us has been stung, both whilst on the bike, and Kaths’ feminine front was attacked by a beastie which managed to find itself caught in her cleavage. Her cycling style, usually so smooth, was heavily hampered by efforts to eliminate the intruder, and the result of the assault was interesting to behold. She now cycles in her wetsuit.
In the garden, the wasps seem to be celebrating their assault, and have begun a honeycomb on the garden statue my girls at the office bought us on my retirement.IMG_4034 I am not sure if they are the same wasp family which attacked us, but they do seem to have an attraction to the female form!


  1. I am cleaning the fruit press today and will be mascerating apples in my special Vigo bucket… initially for cider, then perry….
    but also for juice… bring juice to 100 Centipede in the pan, bottle into hot bottles fresh from t’ 110 Centipede.
    Bottles back in said t’oven for 10minutes at same 110 Centipede.
    Clamp down lids or screw tight. Allow to cool in said t’oven….
    As the meerkat says “Simples!”

    We have also suffered damage from weight of fruit… assisted by something that is eating the same… probably a Foiune…
    We’ve also lost fruit to the wasps and hornets and birds….
    probably in the order “peck, peck…brown yeasty-rotten patch…small yellow’n’black buzzer…. big brown’n’yellow BUZZER!!…. dangling, empty skin.”

  2. I thought that the wasp was a Polistes-type Paper Wasp…. but your picture wont blow up and there is not enough detail.

    • Wasps seem to have given up on the nest…probably got caught in the recent storm! Good luck with all the friut, and I meant to congratulate you on your last libulle post. Roger.

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