Posted by: kathandroger | August 19, 2018

All along the River.

We live near to the river Creuse. There are lots of villages along the river, and events happen in each of them during the summer. There are firework displays, car boot sales, various exhibitions and general fun and games.
Last week we went to Lesigny, a few villages upriver, for the annual old car rally. Kath and I had spent the morning cycling with the club for four hours, so were a bit late, her in the old 2CV, and me in my old kit car. What a lovely event. In the middle of nowhere there were over 300 old cars, of all shapes, sizes and nationality, and loads of general eating and merrymaking.IMG_1736 The French have a natural talent for setting up tables and having a full on party lasting all day!IMG_1737 We only stayed for an hour or so, with the dog being admired sitting like lady muck in my car, and her smiling for photographers. Then it was off to another two exhibitions in Grand Pressigny, on the river Claise, a tributary of the Creuse. Lots of old car bits and rusting tractors. The wife was not amused, and decided to leave me and the dog to inspect the craft exhibition in the Chateau. She toured our lovely countryside in the little 435cc car on what was a most perfect summer day, and we met later at home.

In our own village the annual play in the troglodite caves has been running over the past few weeks. My thespian capabilities, having been displayed last year with another group, were called into service, and I have been playing the
Count of Belardy in a murder mystery. All in French, of course, and some of it in patois, so it has not been easy. At one stage I have to talk about a mortal attack with a pitchfork, a “coup de forche”. The problem is that “coup” in French is very like “cul” to the English ear, but the latter means arse! You can imagine which word came out this week! Much merriment for the French. But the play has gone well, with all the writing being done by the troupe, and the costumes all being specially made by the cast.IMG_0123 This is Guy, the President of the group, who works tirelessly for the Ethni Cite village troglodite Assosiation. We fear that he may retire from his post and that the organisation, which is mainly run on a voluntary basis, may be closed. It will be a great pity.

But the river has other charms. Having bought an expensive fishing permit at the start of the year, my first sortie was made this week. A friend has a lovely summer house on the banks of the Claise at nearby Chaumassay, and encouraged me to use it. Why is it that I specialise in catching what must be the smallest fish in every river I fish in? Within moments, the maggots which, against the wife’s wishes, had been kept in the fridge, proved their worth with a bleak of at least six centimetres in length. Easy fishing, I thought, I will put this little one back, then catch another to use on a big hook and catch a Zander-a fish I have never caught, but which taste delicious and are found locally in this river. I reckon that Mr Bleak rushed back and told all his mates about the dangerous Englishman and his intentions. No more fish, but a lovely afternoon on a lovely river.IMG_0124 As I have to say, it is not just about catching fish. I did see my first Hoopoe of the year on the way to the river, and a Kingfisher rushed by and laughed at my ineptitude!


  1. A rural idyll indeed. I am regretting not taking a photo of Polly in the car.

  2. She adores the car….I have just got her out of it after her refusing to move when I parked in the garage!

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