Posted by: kathandroger | July 15, 2018

Football fever….and Hay fever.

I don’t really like football. Although I played the game for many years, and loved it, the modern professional game is spoiled by too much money and too much cheating for me. It seems that exaggerating injury and playing for penalties is as important as trying to win a game legally. However. the World Cup competition has been wonderful. Well done Russia, for putting on a great show, and well done the supporters for getting to that far off land, and for the real joy you have shown in following your team. Here, with France in the final, the excitement is at fever pitch.IMG_4008
With Kath having gained her French passport, the Union Jack has given way to the Tricolour, and our giraffe has been flying it for the past fortnight. We originally had a larger flag draped around its neck, but that one was stolen within days. The latter was stolen last night, so someone possibly thinks we should not be French supporters! They would have had to climb onto the wall and use some snippers to cut the flag free, and it is all a bit of a mystery. But the mood in the village is one of great optimism for the final this afternoon, and even the flowers are coming out in support of “Les Bleus”IMG_4001This lovely Chicory is from over the road, and even the vegetable patch has shown its support.IMG_4009The Globe artichokes have been rather neglected this year. A very different vegetable, but a real pain to prepare, and in out opinion not really worth the effort. But they look nice, and are a bit rough to handle, a bit like some of the French footballers. But what about Croatia, the opponents? Chapeau to a small country with only an indigenous population to choose from. They have some very good players, and I for one would like to see them win. Footy has become so international now, and it seems strange that I can remember the famous Celtic team of many years ago who won the European Cup with players all born withing 30 miles of Glasgow. So for me I would like the Croats to win a good fair and fast game. We will see later this afternoon, when the majority of the country will be inside watching their televisions.

Hay fever has been another feature of the past week or so. Not in the medical sense, but that every available field seems to have been mown for hay. Even long neglected pastures have been given the short back and sides treatment, and the balers have been everywhere. Having lost our first cutting to the storms, Manu, our local farming friend, has made some lovely small bales for me and we now have enough for the sheep and goat for the winter. All stacked in the new barn and looking good.IMG_4006
Polly has had her stitches out after her sterilisation and is back on top form again. She has even been forgiven for pinching the little one legged chick from its mother and playing with it like a toy. The chick succumbed, but its mother didn’t seem perturbed and is back in the flock as if it was the best outcome. She is probably right.


  1. I’ve spoken to quite a wide range of locals this morning and no one my age or older is interested in the football. It’s something for the young, apparently.

    • Susan, Kath watched the match in Descartes with about a hundred others…..and she reckoned many were even older than me! I sat in front of our telly with a beer. But haven’t the French gone over the top with round the clock celebrations in the media?!!

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