Posted by: kathandroger | June 24, 2018

Hammocks and Triathlons.

We have six hammocks here. All but one are for the guests, and they are well used. What a lovely bit of kit a hammock is! If only I had more time to use them. There is something super relaxing about the gentle swinging from side to side, especially in the hot weather we have been having recently. A couple of glasses of the local rose wine with a good lunch and then an hour or so of gently swinging recumbency is a pleasure beyond compare. We have a hanging cradle type of hammock which is my favorite. The wife spends most of the day in it whilst I get on with the daily tasks.IMG_3994
Actually that last statement is a complete porky, and she will kill me if I don’t explain that I asked her get in it for the first time today for a photo! The advantage of having only one suspending rope is that the view can be constantly changing, and the increased freedom of swing adds to the experience. But recently I have had a problem in using our own private hammock. As with everything, the dog wants to be involved. After showing her how the device should be used, she has decided that it is for her use only, and barks endlessly unless she is gently swinging as well!IMG_3992
She hasn’t yet managed a glass of wine whilst swinging though.

Friends Paul and Clare arrived this weekend from Luxembourg for the local Nouatre Triathlon. Only the lady of the party was competing, with her husband being the team backup man. Triathlon is a sport which has blossomed over the past twenty or so years, and consists of a swim, then a bike ride and then a run. Distances vary, from the short “sprint” distance of 400 metres swim, 20km ride and then 5km run, to the “ironman” distance of 2.4miles(4km) swim, 112 miles(180km) on the bike, and then a full marathon (42km)! Yesterday it was the Olympic distance of 1500m swim, 40km on the bike and 10km run. It was hot and windy, but the swim down the river Vienne was aided by a good current so time in the water was shorter than normal. The little village of Nouatre comes alive for this one day a year, with competitors coming from all over France and Europe. This was the 35th running of the event, and one which the wife would still be doing if she wasn’t hampered by not being able to run anymore. I would have done it myself if I had been twenty years younger, fitter, and more inclined to self torture. But Clare done good!triathlon Second in class and fourth veteran lady and very pleased with her time of under three hours. Chapeau.


  1. I didn’t realise Kath wasn’t able to run any more.

    • She is mal au dos and in pain with any running….but can still beat me on the bike and in the pool!

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