Posted by: kathandroger | June 17, 2018

Eating Pigs nostrils at the village fete.

We have just come back from the village fete. This annual event is the only one which reliably brings most of our neighbours together, and is often cancelled for inclement weather. Not this year though, with some unusual sunshine and fairly warm weather and a good turnout. At our first event, nine years ago, I was subjected to an alcoholic assault from our friend Guy, which resulted in my legs not working when we tried to walk on the candle lit procession around the village. My frequent stumblings were noted by our new French friends, and each year I am reminded of my failings. It meant we made our mark though, and at least most of the local residents know who we are! This evenings’ event was as usual, a short speech from the mayor, and then some complementary drinks before supper.IMG_1626
Everyone brings their own meal, but these are inevitably shared around the table. Ours was fairly mainstream, with melon and ham and then some local quiche and couscous, but we were pleased to be offered some pigs nostrils from some other diners.IMG_1622
I have to admit that a pigs’ nose is not on the top of my culinary wish list, but they were quite tasty if a little unremarkable. Still, it is another French delicacy which can be added to the “have eaten* dishes. And I have to add that despite the flow of aperitifs and wines, my legs were still in working order after the meal.
But that was yesterday. Today was the annual cycling club picnic. And all this after a rain affected barbeque for our friend Pauls’ birthday on Friday night. Life is difficult here with all this eating we have to do. Anyway, at the crack of dawn we were off to a local town leisure centre to begin our ride at 8am.IMG_1642 Needless to say, everyone was there on time-the French do love their regimented regimes-and we began our 80 kilometre spin around the surrounding countryside. I have to say that it did make me puff a bit, but it was the ideal way to work up an appetite. Aperitifs were started at about noon, mainly sparkly wine to celebrate John-Claudes’ 70th birthday, but these had to be taken with nibbles of all sorts, which really was a meal in itself. The now showered and refreshed party installed themselves in a pretty corner of the park in readiness for the real meal to begin.IMG_1650 Exactly at the arranged hour, the “Traiteurs” van arrived and all the prepared delicacies were beautifully arranged. I always find it a little confusing with all the different traditional courses, but an suffice to say that their were six dishes, all washed down with the appropriate wine of course. The meat did not include any noses, but did have some lovely rare beef,which the French do so well.IMG_1648 Polly the dog did well also, with all the tough bits being donated surreptitiously under the tables. The meal finished at about 4.30. Incidentally, it is interesting that the dog will only eat her own food when nothing more interesting is available, and even then she doesn’t mind sharing it with Dennis the cat!IMG_1603


  1. Not sure about pig’s nostrils but everything else looked lovely! The French certainly know how to enjoy their food and drink. Two reasons why Pete and I love France 😊

    • And they mostly remain slim! Not sure how they manage it, but maybe 50 miles on the bike helps.

  2. We had delicious rare cold roast beef at our ‘heritage traffic jam’ event yesterday too.

    • Sorry to have missed the traffic jam-but difficult to be in two places at the same time!…maybe next year!

  3. Pig’s noses – oh dear, I don’t think I could have been polite enough to try them!

    • It wasn’t me trying to be polite, I really do think we should try everything… least once!

  4. It looks like a great time was had by all. We have our “Coeur du village” neighbours’ meal at the beginning of July, and a Cycle Club weekend this weekend – we’re off to Annecy. I will be relaxing in the spa & swimming pool as opposed to cycling anywhere, but I’m sure the cyclists will have a lovely time!

    • Our fetes du voisins was a couple of days ago. It was also the day our friends arrived and a celebration meal for other friends who married recently! We managed to do all three….who says life in France is dull?

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