Posted by: kathandroger | June 10, 2018

Double trouble and dotty Dotty.

My three year old twin grandsons have just left after spending a week with us. And two other boys aged two and four. All with parents of course, but the change in our tranquil life was profound to say the least. We had been used to excessive noise earlier on in the year before the demise of our cockerel, but this was different noise from multiple sources. Having had four children, I was used, I thought, to the demands of little ones, but time erases the intensity of the explosion of youthful vigour. They are lovely little boys, very different and very inquisitive.IMG_3987
Getting them to sit down for a few seconds was a task in itself, and they were much more interested in the quad bike and the lawn mower. Mind you, Polly the dog is more interested in the quad bike as well and refused to be left our when we had a little ride around the orchard.20180608_154052
The cries of “faster, faster” were not only from the twins, but also from Polly, but the thought of impaling my offspring on the overhanging fruit trees required some mature prudence. The swimming lessons went well, too, and it is a great pleasure to see any of our young visitors getting more confidence in the water. Not quite Olympic standard yet, but running well in the water aided by good flotation jackets. Maybe I should get one for my pathetic efforts in Chatellerault swimming pool. Not too much damage was done to the homestead, and severe grandfatherly reprimands for pulling the flowers to pieces were reluctantly obeyed. I did feel very guilty when telling little Ted off, causing him to burst into tears, but he soon forgave me and we made up by visiting the chicken house and collecting eggs. One visit to the Chateau de Rivau was a real hit; it is not one of the better known buildings, and a bit quirky, but is designed for kids, especially the gardens, with lots of games and special adventure areas. They have all gone back to UK now, and the place seems not only quieter, but somehow lacking in energy… but then so am I!

The new chickens have settled in really well. It was good fun to sit on the terrace and watch them go into their house at night. We have an automatic light sensitive door, which they seem to anticipate to the minute. Bets were laid, but the adults, over which would enter first, but they must have been watching because the door closed before the last pair were in last night which meant lots of chasing with the landing nets to catch and replace them. Chickens are not the most intelligent of animals. Dotty, so called because of the flecked feathers-she would be called a Maran in UK, is particularly lacking in chicken brain. Or perhaps she just likes to be different. Anyhow, she has decided that the correct place to lay her lovely brown eggs is on the windowsill of the gite lounge window.IMG_3986
What she has not considered is that the windowsill is on a slope, and her eggs fall off and smash on the lawn below. That is good news for the dog, but not for us. I have put a ledge of wood up yesterday to try and preserve our supply, but no doubt she will then go elsewhere to lay!

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