Posted by: kathandroger | May 20, 2018

We’ve been moved! and the Welsh Dragon.

Wherever I have lived before, it has always been in a city, a town, or a village. Here in France we were just outside the boundary of a little hamlet. Any house outside a conglomeration is called a “lieu dit” or a “place called”. I liked living in a place called, it seemed to give us some kind of particular dignity and individualism rather than in the being in the mass of grouped houses. Then last week the workmen arrived. Big lorries, lots of chaps in red tunics and loads of spades and machines. What were they up to? By the end of the day we found out. Our local village sign and little garden, which we used to live beyond, had been moved!IMG_1585
The whole caboodle had been taken down, rebuilt and replanted about 300 metres up the road, and looked splendid.IMG_3972
But what does this mean for us? Are we still in our “iieu dit” or are we now in Mazieres? Will the price of our property drop as we are now in a conurbation rather than the countryside? And will the smog and pollution of the city now envelop us? My cough is a bit worse already, and maybe we should see the mayor about reducing our rates. But I guess we should look on the bright side; I have never had a less traumatic house move!

We love having different groups of guests, especially if they share our passions-metaphorically that is. Our recent visitors were cyclists from the Vale of Glamorgan, and it was a delight to show them the joys of our area. David arrived alone and soaking after travelling by train, ferry and bicycle, followed by the rest of the troup in cars. They spent a busy week exploring the local countryside, averaging about 80 kilometres a day and punctuating their rides with stops for sustenance and viewing the local sites. It was a pleasure to have them join us for our club ride on Wednesday morning.
They are a cyclo touring club, and do what it says on the packet. We rarely stop on our rides, except for the communal “arret pipi”, and it sometimes becomes a bit of a race. I am getting a bit old for all that now and maybe we should take a lesson from the Land of the Dragon.

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