Posted by: kathandroger | May 6, 2018

Badgers’ Toilet and the new girls.

What lovely weather at last. The dog and I have just come back from an hours walk through our local fields and woods and she is knackered whereas I feel like a spring chicken. Mind you, she did chase lots of potential prey, some real and some imaginary, and I chased nothing but the feel good factor of being outside in the fresh spring morning. The Golden Oriole has arrived,the Chiffchaff is still chaffing and the Cuckoos are all around. I thought they made their call to attract a mate, but we have seen four this spring,flying in couples and still singing, maybe to each other. The grass is knee high and early morning means wet knees and a wet dog; it won’t be long before our hay is made for the sheep. The orchids are everywhere. We have had hoards of Early Purples, some Butterfly, the lovely Lady Orchid, and the Monkey orchids are just beginning. May is a magical month.
On Monday we went to Les Herolles market. This is a once a month event, held miles from anywhere about an hour and a bit south of here. The village, which is normally quite small, is transformed for a day into a huge commercial enterprise selling virtually anything that can be easily transported. And that includes animals. The poultry section is huge and we knew that it would be the best place to buy some new chicks. Having parked in the wrong car park, amongst the thousands of other visitors, we made our way to the animal section armed with boxes and cages to carry them in. We wanted a small selection, and chose five different breeds from one producer, who told us that they would all fit in one box, and could he please have the other one? The dog was impressed by our choice but was not a great help in negotiating the dense crowds of people on the way back to the car, continually trying to sniff the rear ends of the birds. We finally made it home and the new girls are settling well.IMG_3963
They will be kept behind the temporary fence for a few days and then let out to roam the orchard and dig up the flowers. Names are not yet finalised, although Kath has told me they all begin with the letter A for some reason. As we have a Warren, a Light Sussex, a Medici, a Marran, and a lovely Cendre, there is now way I will remember them.
The only problem is that bloody badger and his family. I have filled in his holes under the gate with concrete, and have employed lots of chemical deterrents. Allegedly badgers do not like strong smells, and will stay away from new ones, so rags have been soaked in diesel, Jeyes fluid and the old standby of make human urine, and draped on every possible entrance site. The gites look and smell lovely! I have been reading about Brock the Badger, and he is an interesting animal, and apparently very particular about his cleanliness. The sett is cleaned out regularly and kept spick and span, although it was not stated whether the male or the female performed this task. They dig their own latrines, often at the periphery of their territory, and it explains this hole I found inside our orchard, not far from where the chicken massacre occurrIMG_3960ed.
I guess he felt he was at home in our garden, and that he would be coming again. I sincerely hope not!


  1. You paint a beautiful picture of your little part of France. The chickens look lovely. Love reading your blog x

    • Thanks Sharon, come and see us sometime!

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