Posted by: kathandroger | March 11, 2018

Return to France.

Where did the time go? One minute the expectation of a holiday trip is just round the corner and then it is all gone! Nearly a month away from home and now back to the grindstone. Except that it is not like that at all; I love being at home, and am pleased and proud to admit it. Holidays are great, seeing the family is lovely, but they are a trip away from the reality of everyday life which, here, is where living really happens. The bad news is that Chucky the chick is no longer with us-it apparently disappeared one day, now doubt taken by the buzzard or sparrowhawk, as mother hen had all but abandoned it. The chicken house roof had blown off, and various bits and pieces of outdoor plumbing had been damaged by the freezing temperatures. Kaths’ 2CV refused to start, the wood store door fell off when I opened it, and the grass needed its first cut of the season. So just the routine problems waiting to be fixed! The lambs are all in good condition; three boys, to be eaten in the autumn, and the dog has come into her first season.
Well what about reflections of the time away? A great trip, with great contrasts in the way people live. From the wonderful temples of Ankor, to the relative poverty of life in Cambodia. But the kiddies all had smiles DSCN1008 (2)wherever we cycled. The laid back way of life in the so called “poorer” countries was a pleasure to see, especially when a tents had been erected over the little roads we were on so that celebrations could take place. One was a wedding and we cycled right in front of the bride and groom who were having photos taken, and they seemed to think it only added to the fun!DSCN1005 The Killing Fields in Cambodia, and the War Museum in Saigon brought us back to the cruel realities of life, but overall there seemed to be an inspiring air of optimism in the developing countries that we certainly don’t have in Europe at the moment. And the group we went with, and the tour guides, were a real pleasure to be with. I hope we see them again in the future.
Leaving Australia with its gentle climate (yes I know it had been 40 and more degrees a few weeks ago, but it was mid 20’s when I was there),was a bit sad, but I was inspired by the over 70’s swimming group we encountered on the early morning dips I took with my daughter.DSCN1044 Keeping in shape seems to be a way of life in Oz which we could all learn from. Leaving Sydney airport had been a nightmare last year, but having checked in on line I was delighted, and felt very superior in bypassing the huge queue to leave by kit at the baggage drop. Airports and long distance travel are, for me, are relaxing time. The brain needs to go into neutral, time has no meaning, and all the films I have been wanting to see are available on the plane. Even a delay of 9 hours at Bangkok was no problem, as the onsite hotel I was offered gave a few hours kip, some good food, and a nice shower before the haul to Paris. And the wife, bless her, met me there and chauffeured be back home. The jet lag is not too bad, just as well, as all those little jobs in the gites and in the garden now have to be done!


  1. Welcome home 🙂

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