Posted by: kathandroger | March 1, 2018

More oriental delights.

Phew, the cycling is all over now and a hasty retreat to wet and windy Australia for recuperation with family is the next step. Poor Kath is on her way back to the arctic waste that was once France. Holidays always do seem to go too fast, but this one in particular has really flown by with a lovely group of people.image
Memories of the trip are those of burgeoning progress in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. The first is the most advanced, with fine transport systems already in place, and wondrous, if over the top buildings in Bangkok. Vietnam is on the way, with a sense of more energy in the regeneration, and the remarkable Saigon city, with around 14 million people and 8 million motorcycles. Cambodia is a bit behind, the rice fields often brown due to lack of irrigation, but with still lots of new building both for factories and for residence. We felt the mood was much more restrained there, with our local guides unwilling to impart any views on the political situation. The little motorbikes there were also the most overloaded!image.jpeg
Our trip coincided with local celebrations in all three countries.image
The pigs were due to be eaten in the evening after offering them to the Gods.
We ourselves had to content with various insects, which tasted of nothing in particular.img src=”” alt=”image” width=”2048″ height=”1536″ class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-6084″ />
To go through all the experiences we had would take hours, but personally I was impressed most by the gentleness of the Budhists, imagethe futility of the many abhorrent wars in the region, and the resilience of the human race for recovery from disaster. And most of the recent wars have perpetrated by so called civilised countries of the western world. I felt ashamed.


  1. Our French Adventure, NO Our cycling Adventure, biseS a la Team…

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