Posted by: kathandroger | February 18, 2018

South East Asia.

There is only one thing to do in the cold and rain of February in France. We are in Cambodia in temperatures of mid thirty degrees! Sitting supping the local beer on our hotel balcony in the enveloping warmth of dusk seems a long way from the shivers of last week. Paris looked more like Siberia when we left, with some roads around the airport blocked by snow. What lucky chaps we are to be able to traverse the globe when things get gloomy at home. Our cycling tour has taken us through Thailand, over the border and we are now en route to Vietnam.image
Thia is the second time we have toured with Exodus Travel; we cycled across southern India with them a couple of years ago, and loved the relaxed way we explored the remote areas of that fascinating country. This trip is similar,arriving in Bankok, then slowly traversing the countryside on two wheels to the Cambodian border and visiting the well known sites.
Thailand is buzzing. The economy is stable, the infrastructure is in place, and agriculture is green and efficient due to the water capture resevoirs and irrigation. Cambodia, to my surprise, was also seemingly alive with energy and development. It seemed that every other car was an expensive Lexus, and even the swarming motorbikes were usually new. Modern houses are replacing the old shacks, and arriving today in Phnom Penh, after the initial rundown downtown, is like any new city centre. We have visited the huge Ankor complex of old ruins, but to be honest they didn’t do much for me-very impressive but not pretty. We are off to see the Killing Fields museum tomorrow, so that won’t be much fun either. How humans overcome the misery of a barbarous civil war such as this country had only a few decades ago amazes me. We have noticed several mutilated limbs on war survivors, but in general the decemation of the countryside has been repaired. Cambodie is browner than Thailand because if the lack of a good irrigation system but even that is being put right.
On the brighter side, the food in both countries has been wonderful. Having eaten whole frog, imageand today fried tarantula spider with cockroach, we are starting to see the limits of our home cuisine. Cycling in temperatures of arond 35 degrees really is no problem with the frequent stops for local sustenance. We are looking forward to more local delights!

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