Posted by: kathandroger | February 11, 2018

Six cans of paraffin and one old door.

Funny old lot, these Frenchies. No doubt we are the same in the UK, but the different ways things are handled here is a continuing education. Our theatre group of last year split up in disharmony, to say the least. We had several more performances booked, but the cast fell apart from one another acrimoniously, and we could not continue. The two main adversaries were friends beforehand and had even been on holiday together last year. Well, I was sad, but perhaps because of my limited linguistic ability did not appreciate the depth of feelings on each side. I was happily aloof from the dispute and maintained a good relationship with both sides, and thought that the events were all history. Wrong! I was asked to attend a “conciliation” meeting a couple of days ago, as legal proceedings were being started….because six cans of paraffin, and one old door had not been returned to the President. Accordingly all fifteen of the company attended a preliminary meeting with the conciliator, a firm but fair retired policeman, in one of the local council offices. One group on one side of the room and the other on the other side of the room. Me in the middle. The rules of the game were explained, and nobody could talk unless they first put their hand up, and then no interruptions were allowed until the individual speech was over. Actually that was the best thing about the meeting, because the French usually talk all over one another and meetings are a shambles. We heard all the old groans again, conciliation was not possible, but the cans and the old door were given to the Red Cross. What a palava, and it was quite difficult to dodge from one group to the other afterwards to underline my neutrality. I hope I did so, because I love them all!

But back at the ranch, we have had some snow. But no more lambs. No lambs for Flo in the snow, but she looks full to bursting, with a ballooning udder, and will no doubt have them in the next day or two. The first twins are looking great, having put on some weight, and are jumping around like new born lambs. They still look a bit grubby against the snow though.IMG_3925
We tell our guests to spend the hot summer evenings drinking some nice cool white wine in our “kiosk” on the top of our land. It does not look so inviting at the moment!IMG_3926
And seeing the grubby sheep did remind me of our “Lavoir” just across the road. IMG_3916This is where the dog loves to chase the frogs into the water, but was originally for the locals to do their washing; “laver” is to wash. Most villages around here have preserved the feature, and some of them are splendid. Ours is not, but no doubt could tell a few stories of times gone by. Apparently the lavoir was where all the local gossip was aired. I would love to have been a fly on the wall, or even a frog in the froth!

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