Posted by: kathandroger | January 14, 2018

Sheep Shelter Shambles and the Eco Home.

Just before we traveled to the UK for the Festive Season, a quick check of our sheep and goat revealed a catastrophe.IMG_3899
The fine building which we constructed six years ago had finally succumbed to the relentless leaning of our overweight ram Hercules. He loved to rub against the old palettes that were used to support the corrugated iron and asbestos roof, and the fruits of his labour had brought the house down. Luckily none of the animals was inside at the time, but the incessant recent rains had made the area into a boggy mess of old iron and debris. Lambing is due to commence shortly and so on our return a new animal house was a matter of urgency. Now I don’t think I am naturally miserly, but I do love making something for nothing. There were three old Telegraph Poles in the barn, and an old and very heavy ladder, that had seen better days and was a bit wormy. I wouldn’t have trusted climbing it, and so it was sacrificed to make rafters, and the rungs are good for lighting the woodburners in the house. The poles were chainsawed into lengths for the uprights, and lots of the old iron and asbestos was reused for the roofing. And there we have it- the new Eco Home for Animals.IMG_3901
Situated in a very pretty and sought after area in South Touraine, amongst the rolling hills around St Remy Sur Creuse, the property benefits from a south easterly aspect on a gentle slope. Early morning sun will delight the occupants and later in the day the structure with shade from the midday heat. Comfort is enhanced by the free circulation of air, providing refreshing ventilation to all parts of the building. Eschewing the negligible advantages of double glazing, the pure light in the interior will be constant, and not require laborious window cleaning. At the rear of the house is the sleeping area; comfortably lined with mature hay from several years ago, and cunningly placed at the top of the slope so that the occupants can easily roll out of bed in the morning.IMG_3902 In due course, heating will be of the underfloor variety, when the expected animal excretions have broken down enough to exhibit their typical exothermic reaction. The convenience of having the heat source and toilet facilities in the same area cannot be over emphasized. A completely natural sound system surrounds the building, with early morning birdsong sure to be appreciated by the occupants. The eating and drinking area is nearby, a short walk over the uncluttered carpet of Loire Valley pasture. The very attentive Caretaker is on hand each day to make sure the water, hay and feed is provided.
The only problem is that the bloody animals have so far ignored their new mansion. I suppose we could advertise it as an addition to our gite complex if all else fails!


  1. A veritable eco palace the charms of which will hopefully soon be recognised. Does it have wifi…?

  2. Very good. Gave me a chuckle.

    • Wifi was discussed with the potential occupiers Gaynor, but we could not find a computer which fitted cloven feet!

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