Posted by: kathandroger | January 7, 2018

Back to a Burglary!

The journey back from Yorkshire to France was in the rain but luckily without too much in the way of traffic jams. One feature of the UK which we miss the least is the density of vehicles, but it does mean remembering to drive on the left is no problem; just join the queue of cars in front! The ferry crossing had been delayed by two hours due to high winds in the Channel, and we were expecting an attack of nausea and general bodily dysfunction. In fact we managed to get a cabin, although it was mid afternoon, and managed to snooze our way across the lumpy briny lea. The lovely French motorways were clear and we made it home at 3am to be met by Dennis the cat, the real owner of our house, who behaved as if we had not been away.
The coast in Yorkshire is little known to me, but well loved by the wife. The little dog had a whale of a time,(why do we have a “whale” of a time I wonder?), running miles and miles along the huge beach around Filey.IMG_1151
After spending Christmas with the family and twin grandsons in Frome, the New Year was with about twenty friends in a farmhouse near to the seaside, with the constant rain and mud reminding us of our marginally better weather in France. I am not allowed to show a picture, but as part of the celebrations, a Yorkshire quiz involved Kath and her friend Clare dressing as a pair of Nora Batty’s. The photos are in a safe place, however, and may be used for some gain in the future!
All was well at home, and it was only when I assessed the wind damage to the barn over the road that I noticed that our little fishing boat had been stolen. The tracks of the offending vehicle could clearly be seen in the mud outside the barn, and the burglary must have been very recent as the tyre marks were still very fresh.IMG_3897 The Police were polite and helpful, but not interested in making any investigations, so the chances of recovery are very slight. It is the first time we have lost anything in France, and the first time ever I have been burgled. It is a strange feeling; the little boat was not worth much, and only used for fishing a couple of times a year. I had called it “Daisy Bella” after my first two grandchildren, and painted the name on the back of the boat. I bought it from our now dead shady neighbour who told me it had belonged to his father, but knowing Francis, that may not have been the whole truth! I think it is the fact that someone has invaded our private property and stolen from us rather than the loss itself which hurts. Really it will make little difference to our lives, but the trust we had in the local community has, for me, been damaged. We were away at the time, and all our shutters closed. It has always seemed daft to me that the Insurance Companies require this measure. The best way to advertise that the house is empty is to close all the shutters! It seems like an open invitation to the thieving community to enter the house. With modern powerful battery driven hand tools any house can be easily broken into, and in the rural areas, any alarm would only be investigated after many minutes. But we have only lost one little item, a tiny blimp in our lives, and far less important than our health and our friends. We are looking forward to 2018!


  1. Sorry to hear about this.
    There is a tendency for us to feel totally safe in our little corner of rural France and we don’t go into panic mode if we go out and realise neither of us has locked the door. But as you have found, there are thieves about, although we think they are thinner on the ground than in the UK.
    It is the feeling that someone has been on the prowl and spotted something worth stealing while you were away that’s so unsettling. The good thing is that the house was not completely done over, how awful that must be to come home to.

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