Posted by: kathandroger | December 31, 2017

Snow, lovely snow!

We do not miss much about the weather in France.The shorter winters and the longer, hotter summers are one of the main reasons for living there. But it is a delight to see snow at least once a year, and it is a rare occurrence in our region. Back in Blighty, in Yorkshire to be exact, for the New Year, we have been blessed with some of the white stuff on the Wolds.IMG_1135ek across the wolds with the dogs chasing the grouse and the owners chasing the dogs, we at last reached the local pub to find it rammed to the brim. I have never seen so many dogs in a pub and so many rotund Yorkshire people failing to control them. Oodles of vast meals flew back and forth and many local brews were sampled before making it back in a blizzard to the cars.
There is something satisfying about crunching through the snow and falling over in the steep slopes. I don’t bounce so well nowadays, but the white cushion makes a tumble a real pleasure.

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