Posted by: kathandroger | December 25, 2017

Walking the Dog.. and Xmas.

I find it very hard to believe a whole year has gone again. Time to see some of the family in the home country, and time to enjoy the home fires of winter.
One pleasure at the moment is walking our little Airedale through the surrounding woods; unless it is Sunday, when the whole area seems to be full of hunters and their dogs. It is amazing the energy a young dog has; she seems to run at least four times as far as we do, and after a couple of hours she is still going strong when all we want is a cup of tea and a sit down!IMG_1100
But Christmas does mean I can retreat into the workshop and make some presents. The welding has come on a bit this year,despite having the wrong gas, and this model of a teacher is for Kaths’ parents, who were both in that trade.IMG_3894
It is made from some old surgical instruments, cut and welded together, and sits of a lovely old piece of oak I found in the wood store.
Last year my daughters’ partner had difficulty with their occasionally used open coal fire. “What you need is a bellows” said I and so it was to work with some old square headed nails from next door, leather cut from and old chair back, and a nozzle off an ancient water hose.IMG_3893
The wood is again some old oak, which sands and waxes nicely, and the only problem with the device is that is sounds very much like a human fart when in use. That will amuse the twin grandsons! Oh, and the daughter also wanted something to clear the hall of the multitude of shoes which always block her passageway. A bit of thought and the “Shoe Tree” was born. It is made from the side of an old oil tank, shaped with the plasma cutter, and then sprayed with a couple of aerosol cans.IMG_3889
The only problem with this one is that it will make a good climbing frame for two year old boys, so discipline will have to be strict!
Finally a very heavy abstract lamp for the youngest son, all welded to prevent drunken damage.IMG_3891A big spanner, a horse shoe, a 2kg weight, a bit of piping and a tap from across the road. What fun I have had-roll on next Christmas!
We are looking forward to our trip, but understand there are an increasing number of refugees at Caen Ferry Terminal. It will be very sad to see them; us with the car loaded with gifts, food and wine, and them with next to nothing. We hope to drop off a couple of old duvet covers, but I will still feel guilty about our relative wealth. Life is not just and equal I am afraid.


  1. What a fantastic blog Roger!

  2. Thanks both and a happy new year!

  3. I love the no doubt specially chosen spanner!

    • So right Susan… needto meet my son!

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