Posted by: kathandroger | December 3, 2017

Swindlers’ List, Witnesses and the Telethon.

I guess it must happen in most countries, but we seem to have lots of unwanted phone calls from people selling something. Most often it will change our lives and save us huge amounts of money. We usually say we are not interested and put the phone down. It must be a rotten job to have to cold call people and have the phone put down, but there is no other way to deal with the unwanted intrusion. But there are other scams which involve people coming to visit the home and report on the failings, especially in older houses. Such was one last year, when I was told the mould in our roof needed urgent treatment and that the tiled roof was likely to leak. The chap had all the measuring equipment and I was convinced it needed doing until talked out of it by my much more sensible wife. She could do it all with a paintbrush and antimould solution like we had done in the barn conversions-and for a minute fraction of the cost. And yesterday we had another visit, this time from a gentleman who measured the carbon dioxide levels in older houses. Kath, who had agreed to the visit, was suspicious when he demanded that her husband was also present and it became obvious that he was selling some device which no doubt cost thousands and with which we could not live without! He soon left. I wonder how the telephone numbers of old houses are obtained, and whether there is a list somewhere of likely victims?

On a much happier note, we braved the frost and walked the few kilometres into St Remy yesterday morning for the Old Vehicle Rally for the annual Telethon appeal. This is held to raise money for research into rare childhood diseases, and like the Resto du Coeur is a big thing in France. The local tractor club, together with the old motorbike club, joined to leave from the village and make a long, freezing journey through the back roads to a well deserved lunch in a distant venue.IMG_1068The local mayors were all in attendance, the tractors towed various trailers with hay bales, dogs and shivering children, and, as usual in France, if it is harmless fun, no regard is shown to safety or rules of the road!IMG_1084There are lots of old grey Ferguson Tractors around, and they have not yet rocketed in value as they have in the UK. Perhaps we should look out for one.IMG_1061Seeing the old bikes made me determined to get my old 1954 Mobylette into running condition, but I said the same thing last year!We walked back home up the hill and could see the procession moving ever so slowly into the distance.

Having at last reached the road near our house we noticed a car and several people milling around, carrying various books and packages. It is unusual to see more than two people at the same time, and it took a few moments for the penny to drop; the annual invasion of the Jehovas’ Witnesses. The car stopped outside our house just as we were approaching. A dilemma; should we admit to our ownership and be regaled with religion, or should we pretend we were passing on our morning stroll? We wished them a good day and walked on, casting a furtive eye behind us to see is the coast was clear and then taking a sharp turn into the sheep field and the back way to our home. I have great respect for those with such profound belief and harmless compulsion to convert others, but to be honest it is really a pain in the arse to be treated as abnormal by an evangelistic minority group. I hope, honestly, that they had a good day. We did.

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