Posted by: kathandroger | November 19, 2017

French Multi Tasking.

I love the French. Here in the rural areas the attitude to life seems so more laid back than the bustle of UK. We don’t seem to care if we have the latest car model (although we have!), and there is always time to stop for a chat, even if it means holding people up in the queue behind us. Timetables are not always to be obeyed. I went to a meeting of the local Red Cross yesterday, because a French friend had just given me a pheasant, and he asked me to attend as he ran the show! It was supposed to start at 11am, but knowing the local timekeeping I turned up at 11.45 to find it was just underway. How the French love their speeches! I still don’t know what the meeting was about, other than for the local mayor to tell the Red Cross what a super job they are doing, and then for countless more speakers to say the same thing. The crowds in attendance were obviously there for the midday drinks and eats, but the endless talking went on for so long that I had to leave. But my face must have been seen, so the job was done!

On the way home I took this snap of a local sign.IMG_0053The track leads down to the local village, and I have always wondered, since no cars or motorcycles are allowed, why the two tonne prohibition is enforced. No heavy wheelbarrows perhaps. It was only this week on our club walk that a clever chap reckoned it must be for tractors, but there is nowhere to go down there on a tractor! Never mind, it is the French way and it must be respected; I only hope they will put a sign at the top of our little road to prevent the wayward juggernaut getting stuck.

The French in general are a very capable bunch, able to perform multiple tasks. Home improvements figure highly on the DIY list, as witnessed by the huge number of relevant stores in the area, like Bricomarche, Brico Depot, Bricorama, Mr Bricolage, and Bricocatastrophe. OK, I made the last one up, but that is just the B’s. And in addition very many locals produce their own vegetables and fruit, and blast their own meat out of our surrounding fields, with local pheasant,duck and partridge, deer and the local wild boar.So it was no surprise to me to see a local store which has really diversified;IMG_0056The little shop owned by Mr Vachon, deals in presents, is a general store, sells ironmongery, but rather surprisingly also arranged funerals! On further inspection, it can be seen that the premises are next door to the local church, so full marks to him for his opportunism.

The heavy Dachshund has been finished and given a good coat of paint. It makes the little one look a bit shabby now, so I will have to do some refurbishing. Polly thinks it is all a bit silly, and they don’t even have backsides to sniff!IMG_0058And I know the ears are much too long, but I had a bit of spare aluminium, and it seemed a pity to not use it all!


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